What exactly is Random Number Generator (RNG) and how does it protect me when I play on Casino Apps

What is RNG or Random Number Generator

A random number generator (RNG) is a calculating a device used to produce a series of numbers in random order to determine something using logical or mathematical methods.  The results cannot be predicted because everything is by a random chance.


Practical applications and uses of RNG

The practical application of Random number generators includes gambling where coming up with a random result is highly favorable.  A number of random application gave birth to the development of other simplistic ways for generating random data such as the dice rolling, flipping of coins and shuffling of playing cards.

The Uses of the Random Number Generator in Casinos

RNG is a vital technology in all casino games because this ensures that the next group of numbers coming out from any of the casino games us in no way influenced by whatever last number was generated.  Random Number Generator is the backbone of online casinos and is incorporated in any gaming software programs to guarantee the even handedness and random or unpredictable quality of all online casino games.

How does it protect the Casino Players

There is no gaming software used on online casino games that does not have RNG in their programs because its presence will provide an assurance to their online casino clientele that they are participating in a fair online gambling activity of an online casino site.

Since all online gambling games functionunder the element of chance, the players when playing versus the house or other players,need to be able to trust that the integrity of randomization is intact because this will make sure that there no cheating or foul play will happen and even if they lose, they lost fair and square.  Some traditional players may doubt the capability of a machine to shuffle a deck of card like the expert human shuffle but we give our vote to technology as it gives unlimited opportunity for randomization other than shuffling a deck of card to safeguard the fairness of the game.

Continuous Randomization

Consider this scenario on a blackjack game having a six-deck shoe.  Generally in a live setting, the cards will be shuffled and then left alone as the game is being played out.  Electronically, reading the information can be prevented by constant shuffling depending on randomized seed value through continuous shuffle or continuous randomization.  This will safeguard the house and the players from discriminating scenarios through a more dynamic random number generator.