What Is the Largest Online Jackpot and How I Can Win It?

Stories of uncanny jackpots are indeed aplenty, such as the jackpot won in Excalibur Casino many years back when a young player espied a vacant Megabucks slot machine and for the heck of it gave it a spin using a total of $3.00 coins.  In less than a minute, the jackpot disclosed a dizzying $ 38.7 million coup.

This was indeed a record jackpot payout that has not been beaten to date.  Over the years similar successes have been documented.  So how can anyone win unbelievably huge jackpots like these, you ask?

Fast forward to the present time where almost anything can be done online anywhere, including gambling.  There is no denying that online games can be equally engaging, exciting, and fun, most especially if you go at the progressive jackpot games.  Jackpot Games can be played on slots, video poker, blackjack, and other table games.  A good number of very lucky individuals have won very significant amounts and are just too happy to share their life-changing experiences.  The elation over winning a huge amount of money, even if it happened right in the comfort of one’s home is never diminished.


Given that gambling is played with some cunning, a lot of guts, and tons and tons of luck and gut feel, there is no solid formula or procedure to follow to win those huge jackpots.  You cannot even will the machine to give out that much hoped-for payout much more that a huge windfall.  And yet, that one time that you were just crazy bored and decided to do something different or exciting venture on an online game of blackjack, slots, or fortune wheel, then voila, the machine suddenly says you hit the jackpot and won millions of dollars or Euros.


Just look at the list of some of these extremely lucky individuals and see if you can detect a trend or a pattern here and then get a go at your own preferred game.

  • Christmas Like no Other

A very lucky man won €4,159,181 jackpot at Unibet Online Casino when he played the Arabian Nights slot game.

  • $4.9 Million win for a Big Fish 

a man won an amazing $4.9 million on the largest progressive jackpot game by just playing $45 on the Gold Mega Jackpot game, the Mega Fortune Wheel.

      • Mega Moolah

makes another instant multi-millionaire when he played the progressive jackpot slot of blackjack.

      • A Fisherman

turned multi-millionaire by playing the Hall of Gods slot game.

      • A Dark Knight Millionaire 

a lucky man won £5.8 million playing The Dark Knight online video slot linked to the Mega Moolah jackpot network.

      • Gold Rally Jackpot

the classic slot game having three reels and eight pay lines made two new multi-millionaires as it gave two Hits in a week.

      •  Mega Moolah

pays out millions to a lucky Greek to the tune of €6.3 million ($8.6 million) in cash by playing a jackpot slot by Microgaming.

      •  Swedish player

is richer by 7.6 million Euros by winning €7.6 million playing the Hall of Gods slot game Unibet Online Casino.

      • A young man couldn’t sleep and chose to play a few online slot games called Mega Fortune instead of counting sheep.  Look what it brought him – €11,736,375 and a spot in the Guinness World Record Win for the largest ever jackpot payout in an online slot game.
      •  Another world record slot machine win this extremely lucky man bet 25 cents and got €17,861,800 (around $24 million) in return.