What as a “rogue” online casino or app and how to avoid them?

In any industry, there will always be unscrupulous groups who would like to rip off their unwitting clients, run away with their money without providing the promised service and this will include online casinos whose players could be easy targets.  These casinos could be set up offshore for greater anonymity and in all probability not licensed by any regulatory body or gaming authority.

Gamers should be able to discern such online casinos and avoid them and using only trusted casino online sites.  Games should also endeavor to read the reviews of trusted casino reviewers that issue warnings and lists down sites to avoid.


Watch out for the following tricks which they might employ to make a winning player’s life miserable:

Some Tricks and Practices of Rouge Casino

  • Selective, delayed or non-payment of winnings

The bogus casino will, of course never declare flat-out that they will not pay.  What they will do is try selective payment where they pay small winnings and/or when the player’s total withdrawal less deposit is negative.  But the moment the player wins big and ups his aggregate balance, they withhold payment entirely.   Another rogue technique is delaying payout giving phony reasons until the player forgets about it, or reverse withdrawal and play more which could end up badly and losing all his winnings and his deposit.

  • Too much verification requirements from winning player

There will of course be basic requirements to fulfill when claiming your winnings such as address and proof of age, valid identification documents such as passport or utility bills within a 3-month period, a scanned copy of your credit card if you placed funds using it.

The rouge technique to make claims harder starts when they begin asking for additional documents and notarized at that, fill out a very long form sent through regular mail, answer a collect call and other expensive process.  So that if winning is less than the cost of claiming it, tendency of the player is just to let it go.

  •   Unspecified Payout limits

The player sets up a large deposits and starts making bets.  Luck is with him and he sees his money growing in tens of thousands and decides that it’s time to withdraw.  But when he presses the withdrawal button and keys in the 4-digit amount, then “okay”, the machine sports an error message saying you have exceeded the allowed withdrawal limit.  Then you are advised of the rouge trick that there one-time limits and monthly limits and it could take months to withdraw all your winnings.

  •  Country-specific rules

Let’s say that a French national decided to while away his time by playing cards online.  He chooses an online casino site and made the required initial deposit and decided to use the bonus.  He wins and knowing that he has completed the wagering requirement, asks to withdraw.  The he is advised through an email that French players are required a higher wager requirement and they are only allowed to play specific games like slots.  In the process of trying to fulfill the wager, he losses the entire balance.

There are plenty more tricks in rouge casino’s books and it will only be smart gamer who will be able to discern them.