The Eight Popular Free Game Apps for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR Smartphones

Free game apps

Last year saw the release of awesome new iPhones powered by Apple’s A12 processor and plenty of RAM. The new smartphones from Apple were the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. If you own any of these new Apple products and wish to find free games to play then here are the eight best free and popular game apps for these new phones that are available right now at Apple’s App Store and will give you a wonderful gaming experience.

1. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Warhammer app

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade is wonderful free game app which was released in 2015 and is about the story of an Imperial Knight who sees the noble house destroyed by the twisted forces of Chaos, he join forces with the Dark Angels Space Marines chapter as a Freeblade. Experience an epic story in over 170 single player missions as you command your Freeblade on a journey of honour, redemption and vengeance. Test your skills and patrol the world of Tarnis to slay endless invaders.

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2. Fortnite


Fortnite’s battle royale is most popular game app at app stores that has taken the world by storm. And on the iPhone, it works like a charm. You’ll play as your character and engage in battles with friends around the world on a variety of platforms. Fortnite from Epic games is designed for battle royale gameplay in which 100 players fight and build to be the last one standing, but you can also create your own dream worlds in the game’s new Creative mode.

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3. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9

If you want to become a fearless driver then there is Asphalt 9: Legends for your new iPhone. It allows you to take the wheel of some of today’s most popular sports cars, including Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis. The game lets you play alone or with up to seven other people in eight-person races.  Start your journey in Career mode by completing over 60 seasons and 800 races. Become a real Asphalt legend by racing against up to 7 players in real time through the different leagues of the World Series Multiplayer mode.

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4. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy

Build. Defend. Rule. Join Alexis Ren in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Be the hero of your own Final Fantasy XV adventure in the brand new mobile strategy game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Build your own kingdom, discover powerful magic, and dominate the realm alongside all of your friends!

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5. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is one of the most fun and engaging side-scrolling titles on the iPhone. The game lets you play as Mario and other characters from Nintendo’s world and work your way through worlds in a vibrant side-scrolling world, complete with intuitive touch controls that make classic Mario gameplay feel natural on a smartphone.S uper Mario Run can be downloaded for free and after you purchase the game at $10, you will be able to play all the modes with no additional payment required. You can try out all four modes before purchase: World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder.

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6. Brawl Stars

Brawl stars

Battle with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful super abilities. Purchase and collect unique skins to stand out and show off in the arena. Join or start a band to share tactics and fight together.

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7. Clash of Clans

Clash of clans

Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars. Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash!  With new features you can upgrade to the all new Town Hall 12 to have your Town Hall fight back! Or use the power of Siege Machines to break through the toughest of defences and wWork together with your clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic Items.

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8. The Sims Mobile

Sims Mobile

Express your creativity as you customize your Sims’ distinct appearances and unique personalities, giving them traits and having fun with fashion and hairstyles. Effortlessly build your Sims the perfect home, choosing favorite designs and décor, with more detail than ever before on mobile. Experience the rich and entertaining moments of your Sims’ lives as they accomplish career goals, pursue hobbies, develop relationships, and improve their Lifestyle.

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Remember that these free game apps might have in app purchases for you to buy more free credits or free coins to continue your game. Also you need a good WIFI or internet connection as these apps work best when online.