The best iPhone plans for 2019- Family plan, Individual plan, Prepaid plan and more

Best iPhone plans

Selecting the best iPhone plan is sometimes quite confusing. That’s because so many telecom carriers offer deals and phone plan packages that  to make a decision for the best plan becomes difficult. To make things a bit easier for you we bring here the best iPhone plans for 2019 categorizing them according to your needs and value. Find the best family plan, Individual plan, Prepaid plan, post paid plan and more such options so that you can compare according to your need and want.

Before you begin to select the best iPhone plans for yourself you need to judge what services you need in the plan, how many calls you make in a day and on a month average, what types of phones you call with your iPhone: whether you dial landline numbers often or make iPhone to iPhone contacts. Then where you’ll you be calling is it local, long-distance or international call. Finally how much data you use and need to play slots or games, watch videos or listen to music or download any media file because all these aspects are to be taken into consideration when deciding the best iPhone plan for yourself.

The best unlimited iPhone plan

Best iPhone plans

In US the four major carriers offer an unlimited option for individuals. These carriers are T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Though you get a better network with T-Mobile while Sprint reserves its best perks for its more expensive Unlimited Plus plan. Also as these two carriers are planning to merge, there won’t be any major changes to pricing and plans until the merger goes through. Verizon now offers three unlimited plans, while AT&T has two of its own; but the cheaper plans from either carrier contain too many restrictions.

T Mobile Unlimited data plan price at the time of writing was $160 per month with 480 p video streaming, Unlimited 4G Hotspot Data and various other features.

T Mobile unlimited plans

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Verizon offers HD video streaming, 15GB of LTE hotspot data in it’s unlimited plan which is $60 per line.

Verizon mobile

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Sprint offers HD video streaming, 500MB of LTE hotspot data, music streaming capped at 500 Kbps in it’s unlimited plan.

Sprint plans

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AT&T offers in its unlimited plan features such as WatchTV streaming service, HD video streaming, 15GB of LTE hotspot data, DirecTV discounts and more.

AT & T plans

Other unlimited plans include:

  • Boost for $50 a month where music will stream at 500 Kbps, and streaming games will be limited to 2 Mbps on top of the 480p streaming video restriction. You can pay $10 extra each month to stream video at 1080p and you’ll get 20GB of LTE hotspot data, too, at least as long as Boost’s Unlimited Plus plan is still on offer; it’s currently set to expire in July.
  • Virgin for $50 a month as Virgin has reinvented itself as an iPhone-only carrier, stripping down its data plan options to just a single unlimited offering. Virgin charges as much as MetroPCS and Boost do for their plans but have same restrictions on video, games and music that Boost does. Whether you already own an iPhone or buy one from Virgin, you can get six months of unlimited data for $1 a month under a current promotion.
  • Cricket for $55 a month while Unlimited data costs more at Cricket than with MetroPCS and Boost, but an autopay discount knocks $5 off the $60 rate for Cricket’s Unlimited Max plan. As with other Cricket plans, this option caps data speeds at 8 Mbps for LTE. You can stream video at full resolution once you turn off Cricket’s Stream More feature that restricts video streams to 480p resolution. You also get 8GB of hotspot data.

Best Prepaid Plans

Best prepaid plans

For prepaid wireless service US carriers offer a wider selection and moreover Prepaid plans let you get wireless service without a credit check, and you’re not tied to any contract. Best Overall Prepaid Plan comes from AT&T, 8GB for $40 a month and also use your data when travel to Canada or Mexico. You get unlimited calls and texts to those two countries, too.

If your data needs aren’t as extensive, AT&T has a 1GB plan that costs $35 a month. Here, the autopay discount only knocks $5 off your bill, though, and you don’t enjoy the Canada/Mexico benefits available to the 8GB plan.

Next is MetroPCS, 5GB for $40 a month because of the superior network of parent company T-Mobile. MetroPCS’s $40 plan also doesn’t put any limits on download speeds, as Cricket does. MetroPCS also includes nice bonuses like the ability to stream music from more than 40 services without it counting against your monthly data allotment. Metro’s $30 a month plan remains at 2GB, better than AT&T’s similarly priced plan, but not as good as the 3GB-for-$35 plan available at Boost.
Verizon plans

  • AT&T has two unlimited options for prepaid customers. In this case, the more expensive $75-a-month plan which factors in a $10 autopay discount is the better deal, as it lets you stream HD video and now offers 10GB of hotspot data. The $55 unlimited plan which also includes a $10 autopay discount limits video streams to 480p resolution, offers no hotspot data and caps data speeds at 3 Mbps.
  • Sprint has an unlimited option for prepaid customers that costs $60. You can stream video at 1080p resolution on this plan though there are caps on streaming music (1.5 Mbps) and games (8 Mbps).
  •  Prepaid customers who don’t want the credit check that comes with the regular T-Mobile One plan can get a prepaid version for $75 a month, essentially losing out on the $5 autopay discount that T-Mobile’s other customers enjoy. You’ll get the same restrictions as the T-Mobile One plan — video streams at 480p and hotspot data is slowed to 3G speeds — so you may want to consider one of T-Mobile’s less expensive prepaid options instead.
  • Verizon offers $75 a month prepaid unlimited plan and added 3G hotspot data. You’re still limited to streaming video at 480p resolution, though.
  • US Mobile offers $35 to $75 a month. Rates vary widely depending on what speed you get your data at (options range from 1 Mbps to a more expensive uncapped plan) and just how much talk time and texting you do on top of your unlimited data.
  • Straight Talk for$55 a month joins the ranks of prepaid carriers with an unlimited data option for a relatively affordable $55 a month, matching Cricket’s pricing.

Besides AT&T, the other major carriers offer prepaid plans. Recent changes to prepaid pricing at Verizon give you 3GB for $40 a month or 7GB for $50 a month, respectively, and the carrier added a $30 entry-level option with just 500MB of data. Under a current limited-time offer at Verizon, the carrier will double the amount of monthly data on its tiered plans so long as your line stays active; the increased data applies to family lines as well.

Sprint’s prepaid options include 4GB for $40 plus its $60 unlimited plan. T-Mobile’s $45, 4GB prepaid option is compelling only if you still want to subscribe to that carrier’s wireless service but don’t want a pricier unlimited data plan. Take note that T-Mobile currently offers a 10GB prepaid plan for $50 a month, though that’s listed as a limited-time promotion.

AT&T plans

Best Low-Cost Plans

Low cost plans are offered by various other discount carriers whichlet you mix and match talk, text and data allotments. These are best if you don’t use lot of data and prefer texting to talking.

  • Consumer cellular offers 1GB LTE Data and unlimited talk and text at $30 month on AT&T and T Mobile networks
  • Freedom pop also offers unlimited talk and text at $25 month on AT&T and Sprint with 2GB LTE Data.
  • Mint Sim offers unlimited talk and text at $15 month on T Mobile with 2GB LTE Data.
  • Page Plus offers unlimited talk and text at $30 month on Verizon with 2GB LTE Data.
  • Project Fi offers unlimited talk and text at $30 month on Sprint, T Mobile and US cellular with 1GB LTE Data.
  • Republic Wireless offers unlimited talk and text at $25 month on Sprint, T Mobile with 3GB LTE Data.
  • Tello offers unlimited talk and text at $29 month on Sprint with 4GB LTE Data.
  • Text Now offers unlimited talk and text at $29 month on Sprint with 5GB LTE Data.
  • Ting offers 500 minutes of talk and 100 texts with 500 MB LTE Data at $28 with Sprint and T Mobile
  • US Mobile offers 500 minutes of talk and 1000 text with 1 GB Data for $27 at T mobile and Verizon

Best Family Plan

There are many family plans on offer as well. You can opt for family plans for as few as two lines and as many as 10 with the major carriers. Verizon and Sprint now allow you to mix and match different unlimited data tiers with their plans, meaning you can have some lines that are less expensive than others.

A family of four can expect to pay between $140 and $240 per month for unlimited data, with prices varying based on carrier and what kind of features you want (HD video streaming versus streams at 480p resolution, for example).

T-Mobile is offering the best family plan, with unlimited data for every member of the family and its host of extras. T-Mobile charges $70 for the first line if you sign up for auto-pay. The second line costs $50 while subsequent lines cost $20 for each subsequent line up to eight lines. That would mean a family of four would pay $160. T-Mobile occasionally offers discounts on multiple lines — and can waive the fee on that fourth line of data, but such offers come for limited-time.

Best family plan

As said above T-Mobile One plan offers standard unlimited data plan with video streaming at 480p resolution and gives you unlimited hotspot data capped at 3G speeds. One Plus offers HD video streaming and 10GB of LTE hotspot data for an extra $10 per month for each line. T-Mobile One Plus also includes unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi through Gogo. Another tier, T-Mobile One Plus International, throws in unlimited calling from the U.S to landlines in 70-plus countries and mobile numbers in 30-plus countries for $25 per month per line on top of the standard T-Mobile One rate.

If you’re 55 or older, you may want to consider the carrier’s Unlimited 55+ option which essentially mirrors its regular T-Mobile One plan but at a discounted rate for two lines

Sprint offers options Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Plus. Unlimited Basic costs $140 per month for a family of four. That compares to $180 for four lines of Sprint’s Unlimited Plus plan. You can mix and match the two options to build your family plan.

Like T-Mobile, Sprint has a discounted plan for customers 55 years and older that also costs $70 for two lines of unlimited data. It also happens to have the same restrictions on streaming videos, music and games you’ll find with the new Unlimited Basic plan.

Verizon splits its unlimited plan in three, giving families a choice The less expensive Go Unlimited plan has too many restrictions in our opinion, even though four lines of Go Unlimited cost the same $160 you’d pay for four lines at T-Mobile.

Note that all the plans and costs mentioned here are subject to change and you need to visit the carrier website to know the latest best offering in 2019.