Slots Tycoon by Zipline Games, Inc.

Slots enthusiasts that use Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone or iTouch will be happy to know that they can get some great games by checking out Slots Tycoon By Zipline Games, Inc. on the iTunes store. The game is the idea of these devices thanks to the great graphics and audio effects that can be seen on these devices.

Zipline Games, Inc. is a software developer that has created many great games for use with iPhones, iPads and the iTouch. They are known for creating games that offer superior gameplay and great graphics. The Slots Tycoon Game is another example of this. It is a social media type of game that allows people to play for free while they enjoy the casino games that are offered.

The Games


The games of Slots Tycoon By Zipline Games, Inc are designed to allow people to experience the new style of Vegas games. They are more luxurious than in previous games. The HD graphics pair perfectly with the Apple devices to give crisp and clear images.

The games include a mix of retro themes and more current themes. Games such as Lucky Diner, The Brass Ring and Tropical Bounty are just some of the titles that will be found. The game is not only for people that enjoy playing slot machines. There are also blackjack, roulette, craps and other favorite casino games that can be found.

Playing games is free. A player is given coins when they first start playing which allows them to play many of the games. The coins can be replenished every day that the player logs in. If a player wants to buy coins to play, they have that option as well.

The requirements of the game include an IOS operating system of 4.3 or higher. The game has been optimized for play with the iPhone 5 but can be played on other Apple devices that have the right operating system. The game requires 23.8 MB of storage on the device.

Getting the Game


If you are interested in getting Slots Tycoon By Zipline Games, Inc on your Apple device you only need to follow a few steps. The game can be downloaded directly to the Apple device or it can be downloaded to an iTunes account. The steps required to get the game include:

  • Access the iTunes store either from the Apple device or from another computer
  • Search for the game: Slots Tycoon By Zipline Games, Inc
  • Click on the install button for the game
  • Provide the iTunes password to download the game
  • Once the game is downloaded, start playing by clicking the Slots Tycoon By Zipline Games, Inc icon on the Apple device.
  • Create an account that will allow you to enter tournaments and buy more coins.
  • Choose the game you want to play and enjoy.

There are plenty of games that you can find for your Apple devices. The best games are the ones that were created with the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad in mind. Slots Tycoon is one of the games that fit that description and is something that any slot enthusiast should get.