Slotomania – Free Video Slot Games

If you are slot enthusiast, you’d happy to know that you can now play the games of Slotomania on the iPhone, iPad or another compatible Apple device whenever and wherever you want. The games of Slotomania are free to play. Playing the game may not make a person a fortune, but it will entertain.

The Games

Slotomania – Free Video Slots Game was first available in 2010. It was developed by Playtika. The games are Vegas-style slots. They are all easy to play and understand for anyone familiar with how slot machines work.


Slotomania – Free Video Slots Game offers more than 55 different slot machines to choose from. Themes vary and include games such as Elvis, The Love Boat, Arabian Tools and much more. A player will achieve different levels as they play the slot machines. The higher the level that a player can achieve the more games will become available to them.

Players are given 200 coins when they first begin playing Slotomania – Free Video Slots Game. There are plenty of ways for a player to win and earn more coins. The player will also be rewarded with more coins regularly. If a player wants to purchase more coins, they can do that with the Apple device.

The game requires the Apple IOS 4.3 or larger. It requires 74.2 MB of memory. The game is optimized for use with the iPhone 5.



The games of Slotomania – Free Video Slots Game have several features for the players. There is a VIP lounge for players to enter. The player will achieve higher levels as a VIP the more they play the games. Players will be able to gain access to special games in the VIP lounge based on their level as a VIP.

Players will also be invited to join live tournamania games. These are live slot tournaments that offer players great rewards.

Slotomania – Free Video Slots Game is a social game. Players can send and receive gifts from friends that are also playing the games. They can share their success with others as well.

Getting the Game


Getting the game is simple and only requires a few steps. The game can be downloaded directly to the Apple device or it can be downloaded to an iTunes account. The steps required to get the game include:

  • Access the iTunes store either from the Apple device or from another computer
  • Search for the game: Slotomania – Free Video Slots Game
  • Click on the install button for the game
  • Provide the iTunes password to download the game
  • Once the game is downloaded, start playing by clicking the Slotomania – Free Video Slots Game icon on the Apple device.
  • Create an account that will allow you to enter tournaments and buy more coins.
  • Choose the game you want to play and enjoy.

Slotomania – Free Video Slots Game only takes a few minutes to download and players can enjoy the games once they are downloaded to their Apple device. They can easily provide players with hours of entertainment.