Should I read the T&C when I install an App or Create an Account?


If you download or use an app, the terms and conditions attached to it will be automatically applied to you, therefore as a rule and for your protection; you should read and understand them judiciously before downloading anything.

There are a lot of free apps these days but not because they are free, the user is free to do anything with it.  There are a number of restrictions which you should be aware of such as:

  • Attempt to extracting the source code of the app is prohibited
  • Modification of trademarks or the app or any part thereof is not allowed
  • The app is remains to be fully owned by the creator as well as all the intellectual property tied to it, the copyright, data base and the trade mark
  • Translation of the app into other languages or making of an unoriginal byproduct of the app is prohibited


To Read T&C First

Reading the Terms and Conditions will also help manage your expectations as to what the app can and cannot provide such as:

  • The app creator is committed to make sure that the app functions as it is intended to be and so they reserve the right to make changes and updates from time to time and which will remain free to the user.
  • The app may or may not need stable Wi-Fi connection. If Wi-Fi connection is necessary and the user is operating in an area without a Wi-Fi, data connection might be necessary while the app is in use.  Charges for the data connection as well as roaming charges if you are out of your country will be chargeable to you.
  • The app creator will not be responsible if the app becomes not fully functional because your lack of access to Wi-Fi or lack of facility to data connection.
  • User should also make sure that the devise is in good condition or fully charged as the app creator will not be responsible if you are able to successfully complete an online transaction as a result of the device losing power or conking out while processing your request.
  • The app could be running on Android and iOS and may be changed to accommodate additional systems. You may need to download the updates to keep the app functional.  In any case, you should make sure that the app will work on the iOs or Android version you are using on your device.

After you have carefully read the terms and conditions you will have to accept to be able to download and use the app or decline it if you find the terms and conditions not acceptable to you.