Roulette Guide for Beginners

One of the most social games that you can find in a casino is roulette. This game is quite enjoyable as there is more time to chat with other people while you see the players just pick the numbers and sit back and let the wheel do the work. For the same reason, this is a great game for beginner gamblers. It can at the same time turn out to be costly for players who do not bet smartly as it has one of the largest house edges of all the casino games. Here is the Roulette Guide for Beginners.

You should understand all the variations of the game so that you know it better when you sit down at a roulette table whether it is online or live. From its basics to all the bets, this article will review everything you should know about roulette, you can make while sitting at a table.

A brief history of roulette

A Brief History of Roulette
A Brief History of Roulette

Before jumping into the Roulette Guide for Beginners, you would be happy to find out when you realize that one of the greatest casino games in this world was discovered as nothing more than an accident. The original roulette wheel design was a failed attempt at science. In the mid-1600s, Blaise Pascal was testing different methods of developing a perpetual motion machine. This wheel was just another one of many attempts at developing such a machine that failed, at last, however, the design itself was enough to give away the basic idea of the game of roulette.

The roulette wheel that can be seen today is not quite different than the way it was designed originally. The decision of adding a single zero was made to the wheel as the game became more popular from a casino standpoint in the 1800s. The second zero was added when the game was introduced in America however, it was from a design basis.

Roulette has been one of the first games since the mid-1990s. There have been many changes to the game online, especially the inclusion of online games having a live dealer that has done an amazing job bridging the gap between land-based and online play.

The best online roulette sites

The Best Online Roulette Sites
The Best Online Roulette Sites

Some of our recommendations from our team of experts to play roulette will help you a lot. We have compiled this list regarding the best sites for roulette players as we have reviewed thousands of online casinos. This is a part of Roulette Guide for Beginners.

There may be some sites in this list that you might have heard of and some you may have not. Every site, however, is a seal of approval from our casino team that means you will find only the best combination of bonuses, payment options, and games in this list. There will be more about the things you should do for looking in a roulette site later but at this moment.

  1. Slotocash
  2. Superior Casino
  3. Slotland Casino
  4. Rich Casino
  5. Coolcat Casino

Things to look for when searching for a roulette site

Things to Look for When Searching for a Roulette Site
Things to Look for When Searching for a Roulette Site

While reviewing an online casino, we utilize many criteria to decide what sites are worth suggesting to our readers. Our team of experts has several who have gambling experiences in casinos and also come from a wide range of gambling backgrounds. If you wanted to research sites on your own, we asked our roulette experts what tips they would provide you with. Below are some of the things you should look for.

Game selection

Game Selection
Game Selection

You need to start with what roulettes are available at a site. You should look at a site that provides you both American and European versions of the game. Hence, you are in the best position to limit your risk at the table.

You should also take a look at what sites offer live dealer roulette. Even though these games are slower to play and come with a bigger minimum bet, they also provide the players with a more social environment. The majority of live dealer games provide many players to bet simultaneously and there are many chat features as well that let you interact with the other players at the table. Just now, hybrid tables were launched by Evolution Gaming in land-based casinos to provide online players even a greater sense of being there in action.

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and Promotions
Bonuses and Promotions

The way casino rewards players is one big difference between land-based and online games. You get on-property bonuses in a live casino like free meals, drinks, etc. the bonuses online are more cash-oriented but still valuable.  

You should focus on sites with both amazing deposit bonuses and the ones that consider roulette play while earning those bonuses when you are looking for a site to play roulette. When offering bonus cash to players, many sites do not count roulette at a full value so need to play longer to collect enough points to convert the extra dollars to cash.

You should also look for sites with the best loyalty plans. You can have some marathon sessions and you should be rewarded for that if you are a decent roulette player. The sites that we majorly recommend to our readers are the ones that take their VIP programs seriously. Each reward or bonus you get from a casino goes straight to your bottom line, hence, shopping for the best offer is quite worth your time. This is the a part of Roulette Guide for Beginners.

Mobile compatibility

Mobile Compatibility
Mobile Compatibility

Everything is quite easier these days to do especially gambling that could be done from our phones and tablets. We filter the best sites for roulettes based on the mobile platforms that they offer. This means that you can download a native app to your device based on where you live that can place the entirety of the table sounds and graphics locally on your machine. You should not have any issues playing with the mobile browser version of roulette if you don’t want to download an app to your phone. These games provide excellent gameplay as these are built on HTML5 or Flash with no lag unless there are some connection issues from your phone.


This explains that there is a lot more to roulette than what meets the eye. This is the Roulette Guide for Beginners. Although the game has awful player odds, it is still a great way for someone to acquaint themselves with the style of playing in a casino. It also provides a good social gaming atmosphere.