Facts about Real Money Online Slots

Everyone wants to play real money online slots or unless there was some potential for a free prize of some kind. Some online slot machines do provide free games with free prizes in the form of tournaments and/or sweepstakes in terms of how the prizes are awarded. Most free slots games are just to develop a bankroll of money that you can’t spend anywhere – but on more free games on that website.

We will talk about some sites where you can play some free games which will be followed by a look at the difference between real money slot machine games and free slot machine games. It will also have information about the various types of slot machines being manufactured and played.

Free Slots vs Real Money Slots

Free Slots vs Real Money Slots
Free Slots vs Real Money Slots

If you are curious about how a free slot site makes any money at all. The answer would be advertising!

No matter what kind of free slot machine game you’re playing, the reason it’s profitable for the website owner or the app developer is that they’re able to sell advertising. In some cases, this advertising could be for online casinos offering real money slots as well. The fact is – this is a better advertising model of all. The casino is the place where you reach targeted audiences.

But even websites which aren’t putting any advertisements are usually advertising something, often on a per-impression basis. And usually, the products that are being advertised on such websites are at least related to casino games and/or slot machines. They’ll also often increase interest-based advertising.

Pros and Cons of Real Money Slot Machines

Pros and Cons of Real Money Slots Machines
Pros and Cons of Real Money Slots Machines

Should you play real money online slots or play it just out for fun?

This question you’ll have to answer for yourself. Here is a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of both kinds of play.

You need to exercise the discipline necessary to avoid switching to real money when the option is offered. Following discipline can help you avoid buying the products being shilled in on-page advertising.

The above advantage is also the biggest cons of these free money games though.

Many people are almost addicted to these kinds of games. We’re not sure what the appeal is. Once you understand how these games work on the back end, all the sights and sounds on the screen become more meaningless.

Of course, real money slot machine games are far from the most optimal gambling experience you can have. The house edge on such games is usually 5% or more-sometimes much more. You’ll face better odds playing the lottery.

The different house edge for different games

When you compare that kind of high house edge with the edge of a game like blackjack, which can be considerably lower than 1%, it seems as if there’s no point to spend any money on a slot machine game. But the reality is that slot machine games offer some perks over other casino games with better odds.

The best perk is the possibility of winning a large jackpot with a single small bet. While playing blackjack, most of the time you’ll win money. If you split and double down, you might win four to eight times your initial bet. In case you are playing roulette, you can win a 35 to 1 payout.

But playing slot games, you could also get lucky and win 1.000 times, 10,000 times, or even a million times your initial bet.

That’s the kind of benefit that many players find valuable even when the odds of it happening are so small as to be practically non-existent. Some people made a dollar bet on a Mega Millions game worth the money, even though the odds of winning such a game are lower than the odds of being struck by lightning.

Types of Slot Machine Games

Types of Slot Machine Games
Types of Slot Machine Games

You can find majorly three types of common games.

  1. Number of reels and paylines a game has.
  2. If there is a jackpot available/type of jackpot.
  3. The type of denomination of coins/credits a game accepts.

Reels and Paylines

Reels and Paylines
Reels and Paylines

This type of slot machine game can be known by how many reels and paylines the games have. Mostly you will find one of two set-ups when it comes to the number of reels.

You can find games with 3 paylines, 5 paylines, 25 paylines, and 50 paylines. Some modern games may not have paylines altogether so that any matching symbol from left to right generates a payout regardless of where it would fall on a payline. Such machines are called 243 ways slot machines, and they’re very popular over time, especially in Australia.

7 reel slots are also popular but they’re still unusual.



Slot machines can also be categorized based on the kinds of jackpots they offer. Usually, there are two categories related to jackpots.

  • Flat top slots
  • Progressive slots

Flat top slots are having a flat amount as the top jackpot. It means the reward of the jackpot is fixed.

But, progressive slots are games that have jackpots that increase every time a player makes a wager and spins the reels. Such jackpots usually grow very large over time. Some of the more famous progressive jackpot slots, like Mega Millions, can offer jackpots of $10 million+.

Progressive slots can be further broken according to how many machines feed into the jackpot. Some progressive slots are standalone jackpots. Only play on that specific game increases the size of the top prize.

Better to play fixed jackpot slot

Of course, the odds of winning progressive jackpots are distributed among the number of machines that are networked is. The odds on progressive jackpot slots are always lower than you’ll find on flat top slots because these games build jackpots by taking a small percentage of every wager and using it to “trigger” that progressive jackpot.

Your odds of winning that huge progressive jackpot are similar to the odds of winning the lottery. The payout for the flat top game could be 94%, while the payout on the progressive game might be 91%.

Chances are you may not hit that progressive jackpot ever playing Real Money Online Slots.

In terms of slot machine strategy, you should stick with games that have flat top jackpots rather than hitting the progressives. Unless you’re just really determined to try to win a single life-changing jackpot, the flat top machines are going to provide you with more entertainment for your money and some real cash if you have been lucky.