iPhone casino gambling guide- All that you wish to know and understand

iPhone casino gambling guide- All that you wish to know and understand

Playing casino games is not banned for US players as many say but only thing is you need to have proper understanding of what law says about iPhone gambling and playing at online casinos. As of now many online casinos within the US legal states have cell phone versions with software for iOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad but just like when you play on your PC, the same geo-restrictions will apply on your cell phone. Your location will most likely be required by most cell phone casinos as you need to be confirmed as being within the legal cell phone casino operating states. Similarly, if you are playing games online which you leave on automatically this won’t be possible on a cell phone that is turned off as the geo-tracking needs to be activated in order for you to be allowed to play. Having said this, there are still many cell phone casinos for you to choose from – just keep your location switched on and you’ll be accepted in no time.

So for playing with your iPhone all you need is to log on to your iPhone casino account at any time of day, and from anywhere with Wi-Fi or 3G connection.  Many online casinos have developed their own apps and are developing more HTML 5 supported no-download games that load directly in the browser on your iPhone. Here find answers to many such doubts that arise in your mind when thinking of playing iPhone casino games. This serves as an iPhone gambling guide all that you wish to know and understand.

Understand iPhone Casino

iPhone Casino

iPhone casinos are online casinos that are developed to be compatible on the apple operating system on the smartphone, the iPhone. Online casinos are also accessible on the iPod Touch, the iPad tablet device, and even now on the Apple watch. Casinos are making their games available for iOS users through developing apps which are available to all iOS device holders on the Apple app store, and also by developing games on HTML 5 software which is compatible across all cell phone devices and operating systems.

  • iPhone Casinos are available as both downloadable apps but can also be accessed through your browser
  • Applications for iPhone are both tried and tested to ensure safety and full functionality
  • Games can be played whilst on the go
  • Provide a great array of games including Slots, Roulette, Blackjack and more.

iPhone Casino Games

In the past Apple has not wanted to allow real money casino games onto its app store, resulting in a decreased amount of real money games for iPhone casino players. There are many online casino apps which have a large range of free play games, particularly slots games, and there are slightly fewer, but still a decent amount of play for money online casino apps on the app store. You will not find the full range of games as you can find in the online casino, however with the advancement of HTML 5 games, more and more games are becoming available to play directly in the browser of your cell phone device. As it stands, the iPhone and iPad apps cater more for the slot game enthusiast as these have the widest selection, although a selection of iPhone casinos also offer the full range of games as well such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and keno.

So what makes an iPhone casino different from online casino

iPhone casino games

There is not much of a difference except the fact that here you play with your cell phone and not on a PC.You get the same bonuses that you get when you play at an online casino on your PC. There have been limitations in the past when accessing free games, as iOS doesn’t support the Adobe Flash Player which has been used in the past for no-download games. Online casino game developers are now developing games to be played with HTML 5 software which can be used on all devices and operating systems, meaning that in time all games that can be found online will soon be available to all players who have an iOS device.

You can have special bonuses when you play with iPhone

Bonuses are available for both online and iPhone casino players, and at times there are even special mobile device bonuses for you to take advantage of as well! You can access your iPhone casino account with the name login details that you use for your online casino account – there is no difference, as long as it is linked to the same online casino. The biggest difference you will find is that when you play your favorite casino games on your iPhone you can play pretty much anywhere instead of being confined to your laptop, and you can take advantage of the enhanced gaming experience when playing on touchscreen devices with extraordinary graphics as well.

Customer service for iPhone casino also involves technical support

If you are having issues with your iPhone casino account, you are able to contact the customer service team of the online casino you are playing at, just like with your regular online casino account. If your issues are of a more technical nature, check whether or not your casino of choice has a technical support team and go to them first if there is one. If not, address all issues with the customer support team and they will re-direct you to the best team member to assist you.  Just keep in mind that at times your cell phone device itself could be the cause of the issue, and not the iOS casino itself.

iPhone casinos

iPhone casinos are safe and secure like online casinos

iPhone casino apps has the highest level of security you can expect. Your details remain secure and confidential when playing on your iOS device, just like when you play on your favorite online casino Always make sure you play with a trustworthy and legitimate iOS casino. When you are playing with the casino app or browser version of reputable online casinos there is really nothing at all to be concerned about.

Playing casino games with your iPhone

How to play iPhone casino games

It is ismple to play casino games on your iPhone. If a game is HTML 5 supported, you can play in the online casino directly on your iPhone internet browser without having to download anything at all onto your phone. These games will be under the no-download or instant casino section. If you are playing one of the games within the online casino app you first need to download the app from the apple store and install it onto your cell phone. You will need to enter your account password and username so make sure you already have an account set up with the online casino when you download the app. You will then have to select a special password which you should use every time you play.

Making a deposit with iPhone for playing games

Planet 7 deposit

Making a deposit on your iPhone is exactly the same as when you play at an online casino on your desktop or laptop. You go into your casino account, choose a payment option, fill in the requested details and submit – that’s all. There are wide range of deposit options like you can pay with VISA/Mastercard, Paypal, Neteller and many more of such kind. You need to  check what the fees are for each one.  There are some iPhone casinos that may request you to do this from your PC as an added security measure.

The legal issues involved when playing with iPhone

Just like playing online, US players will have slightly more restrictions when trying to find iPhone casinos that allow them to play for real money. You will be geo-restricted just like with normal online casinos. However if playing online is completely legal where you live then you will have access to the full range of iPhone casinos and apps available, and will have more opportunities to play for money on your iPhone. As an example if you live in New Jersey 888 casino is perfect to try with your iPhone.

Club Player iPhone Casino

Plus points to play casino games with iPhone

There are many plus points to play casino games with your iPhone.

  • You can play from anywhere with Wi-Fi or 3G irrespective when to play and where to play.
  • The iPhone casino games apps are of superior quality
  • With the advancement of HTML 5 more and more new games are available on online casinos that can be played directly on your iPhone with top quality graphics, animation, and sound.
  • HTML 5 will be able to be loaded directly on your browser, eliminating the problem of compatibility with current flash applications for no download games.  Not only are HTML 5 games more advanced, but iOS devices have superior graphics to other devices which will make your iOS casino experience visually impacting and just look plain beautiful.

Minus points to play casino games with iPhone

There are few minus points to describe when playing casino games with iPhone

  • Playing casino games on your iPhone can use up a lot of data, depending on how long you end up playing and the graphics of the particular game, so this is something to keep in mind if you have a limited data plan on your cell phone.
  • Some of the games are optimized ideally for the larger screen size like for an iPad or tablet. It could also be possible that the functionality is not as straightforward making the game a little less easy to play.

The games that work best when playing with iPhone

888 Casino iPhone games

Even though the software creators have done a great job in adapting their games to the smaller screen sizes for iPhones, there are some games which work better than others.

  • Casino Slots: These are incredible these days compared the past, with 3D effect graphics, cool feature rounds, huge linked jackpots and free-spin rounds too. The latest generation of slot games has been specifically made for the smartphone market, and looks great on your iPhone.
  • Table Games: Some table games work better than others. For example, American Roulette and Craps look good, but the complex betting grids are a little to fiddly for some iPhone screens. Blackjack works great, with just three main buttons and two cards, but things get crowded when you split and re-split a few times. Test out the table games at different casinos to make sure you get one you are happy with.
  • Novelty Games: A huge list here which includes Bingo and Sic-Bo games, for example. Bingo works brilliantly on the iPhone, though you will miss out on some of the fun graphics and interaction with some of the more creative novelty games.

The best iPhone casinos to play games

888 Casino App

There are many best iPhone casinos to play games. You can enjoy at Bovada casino, Cool Cat Casino; Planet 7 Casino, Club World Casino, 888 Casino, Leo Vegas Casino, Rich Casino, Maimi Club and many others. All these casinos are reputed online casinos, licensed and have awesome selection of games to choose from. Also they offer wonderful welcome bonuses when you sign up and make a deposit at the casino cashier all with your iPhone. Note that you can play the casino games and gamble for real money at these casinos if you fall in the legal gaming jurisdiction of your state.

Besides the casinos there are great iPhone apps to play which you can find easily on app store.

Now that you have understood much about iPhone casinos in this guide just search for a reputable casino with good US banking options and great customer support and enjoy the thrill of gaming with your iPhone.