If I use a credit card, how can I make sure my information is safe?



Legalized gambling is on a high and the use of credit and debit card use has also reached an all-time high. Being able to us your cards to gamble online makes online gambling even more convenient, but what are the odds that the moment you give out your information, it will be used for that purpose only?   If you really must use your credit card for the purpose of online gambling, we hope the following tips can help you safeguard your information and protect yourself from card fraud.

Few Points To Remember:

  • The first and very basic tip even if logging in at home, keep your details secret and your phone or table screen obscured from prying eyes.
  • Use your credit card only on secure sites. Always look for an https connection in the URL, and the padlock icon or another digital security certificate to make sure that you are only giving your details on a site that uses encryption for transaction from end-to-end. Never, never send your credit card information using the email.
  • Activate your credit card’s added layer of security. Generally, credit cards provide an additional layer of security that can be enabled by choice. SecureCode which is a feature MasterCard provides a private code which the card holder can use on transactions with a supported site, and is never made known to the establishment.  Visa on the other hand greets the cardholder with a personal message when as they make a transaction and a password to approve the transaction.  Check with your service providers what the available options are.
  • Always check your browser settings after every use. Disable your browser’s auto-complete settings to preclude retaining your personal and credit card information on your device.  If using Chrome, find settings and choose Show Advanced Settings.  Click Passwords and Forms section, then Manage Auto-fill Settings.  Erase all credit card and personal information which was automatically store; uncheck Enable Auto-fill to fill which automatically fills in web forms.  Basically, just make sure that you disable settings for search and form history.
  • Always check your statements for any unfamiliar transactions. Generally, banks have their own monitoring systems which can identify fraudulent credit card use.  But it will not do you any harm to also scrutinize your statements online and the hard copy.  One you notice any familiar transaction, advise your bank at once.
  • Have a separate prepaid card for online transactions. This could be a safer way of doing online transactions as damage caused by fraudulent use, if it ever happens, will be controlled and limited.  Prepaid credit cards lets you load a specific amount of money at the time of purchase.  Some banks even allow the generation of a single-use credit card number just to facilitate a one-time transaction.