Guide to recover deleted iPhone contacts with three easy methods

Guide to recover iPhone deleted contacts

Many a times either we accidentally delete an important contact from our iPhone or lose contact when we have changed our SIM or service provider and not saved it to the proper destination that is in the phone device. If any of your deleted iPhone contact is really important to you and you wish to get back then here are the three easy methods to do so. You can retrieve it back in your contacts app again  those all-important numbers you want via backups or specialist software.

Restore your lost contacts using iCloud

Recover deleted contacts via iCloud

One of the easiest ways to recover lost contacts is through iCloud, providing of course that you use the service. Cloud is Apple’s remote storage and cloud computing service, and allows you to access your photos, contacts, email, bookmarks and documents anywhere you can get online.

Your iCloud account is based on your Apple ID. So if you haven’t got an Apple ID already, you’ll need to create one. If you’ve already got an Apple ID, you can login straight away. Apple offers the ability to install contacts, calendars, reminders, or Safari bookmarks via

To do this, go to from the browser on your Mac or PC and log into your account. When you see the page full of icons appear, click on Settings.

iPhone contacts

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll see a section entitled Advanced.

Here you will find an option to restore contacts. Next click on that

The list of the available archives will now be displayed in a popup box. They are marked by date, so choose the one that will contain the deleted contact and then click Restore.

Next confirm to restore

Now iCloud will replace your existing contacts with the ones in the archive. Due to the shared nature of the iCloud service, this means that your missing item should magically reappear when you launch the Contacts app on your iPhone.

Restore your contacts using iCloud or iTunes backup

iPhone contacts- Recover guide

Should you find that there are no available archives on, you can opt to install one of your iCloud or iTunes backups instead.

Restoring from iCloud is a more drastic measure, as it will delete any information on your iPhone that has been added since the date of the backup. It is better to make a new backup before beginning the process, just in case you want to return to the later version.

Note that you could always restore the older backup, make a note of the contact, then reinstall the newer one.

Restore your contacts using third-party data retrieval app

iPhone contact recover

If iCloud or iTunes hasn’t worked, there is another route. Third-party data retrieval apps can scan your device’s drive to see if data has truly been deleted, then in some cases restore them.

They usually require a PC or Mac, to which you’ll attach the iPhone. These apps are paid so you can spend dollars if your lost contacts are very very important to you.

One such app is Dr Fone app that costs US$69.95 which you can buy from wondershare. Install Dr. Fone app on your Mac or PC, plug in your iPhone via the Lightning cable, and you’re ready to start searching for deleted or unreachable files.

The software can recover files directly from an iOS device, but is also capable of scanning iCloud or iTunes backups. It can find photos, messages, calendar and reminder items, call history, bookmarks, voicemails, notes, WhatsApp attachments and more.

The other such app is EaseUS MobiSaver and the pro version costs $59.95 and you can get one from Easeus. EaseUS can recover or attempt to recover files from an iDevice, or from an iCloud or iTunes backup. There are separate versions for macOS and Windows.

Note that these data recovery apps take lots of time scanning and searching for your lost contact so be patient to get the desired results.