Guide to play new game Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard on your iPhone

Paper Wizard new game app

Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard is a free download game on the App Store, that tasks players with flinging newspapers to collect Warren Bucks. The game gradually increases in difficulty as players make their way from Omaha to Apple’s hometown of Cupertino, California, including a visit to Apple Park.

So that means you have to toss a newspaper like the legendary Warren Buffett Test your paper-flinging skills as you make your way from the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, all the way to Cupertino, California. Avoid vehicles and birds as you deliver papers to buildings near and far. While the game’s developer is listed as Wildlife Designs, Inc on the App Store, the app is copyrighted, maintained, and operated by Apple according to its terms and conditions, making this the first game Apple has developed for the iPhone since Texas Hold’em back when the App Store launched in 2008.

Features of the game app

Warren Buffet Paper Wizard

As said above there are two distinct worlds of Omaha and Cupertino and there are multiple stages within each world that increase in difficulty. You will find unique obstacles in each stage that add to the difficulty level of the game. Recently Apple CEO Tim Cook made a surprise appearance at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska over the weekend, where he said he is “thrilled” that billionaire Warren Buffett is an investor in the iPhone maker. At the start of the shareholder meeting, According to CNN news Cook made a cameo appearance in a humorous short film in which Buffett visits a top-secret lab at Apple to try to come up with ideas for an app and other inventions, including a time machine where Buffett tells his childhood self to buy Apple stock.

So as you play this game you will completely understand the principals of Berkshire Hathaway. Bridging the gap between mundane investment theory and an addictive mobile app, Buffett has created a new experience of online learning. One of the game player commented that playing the game one comes to know how Berkshire was founded, the greatest success and failures of their holdings, and how the company is positioning themselves for the future.

Another player commented that Warren is a true oracle and recommends this game for anyone who wants to get rich! Cook ultimately suggests a newspaper-tossing iPhone game. Buffett was a childhood newspaper carrier who for years held newspaper-tossing contests during the annual meeting, according to the Omaha World-Herald.  In an interview with CNBC, Cook said Buffett has made it clear he does not invest in technology companies, meaning he “obviously views Apple as a consumer company.” Cook also said Apple acquires a company every two to three weeks on average, including 20 to 25 companies in the last six months.

How to get started to play Warren Buffet Paper Wizard on your iPhone?

How to win Warren Buffet's Paper Wizard game app

All you need is to pick your iPhone device iOS 11.0 or later and download the game all free from app store. Click here to download now

When you get the game app on your iPhone and the wonderful music starts click on play button

You will find the morning at the city with cock’s crow and  birds flying. The newspaper is all rolled out and you are said to pull back and let it fly.

As the city rolls and vehicles pass by you need to keep flying the news papers.

You score points when you hit the house and you land the newspaper perfectly.

When you miss a house you lose money and the game is over to play again.

The game will show you your playing statistics with how many houses you delivered the newspaper like 2/49 or 30/70. Also it will show you your accuracy in throwing the newspaper and your longest throw in feet and longest streak.

The winning strategy to win this game is that if you look closely at the houses as they pass by your screen, they have a circle glowing on the doors and windows which is your target to aim the newspaper at. If you hit the birds the newspaper lands on their mouth and they fly with it. If you hit a vehicle or a pole you again miss your throw. So ultimately the price points you earn is on your throw and the number of houses and buildings you cover in flinging the newspaper.

This game is just for fun and addictive game. Maybe it teaches us the value of money and how to save money if our aim or goal in life is right.

Though you don’t earn any real money on winning this game but Warren Buffet can give you some sensible, long-term investing tips. Note that Warren Buffett used to participate in a paper-toss competition during the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. Due to the popularity of the event, Warren couldn’t toss against everyone. So he found another way for all of his fans to challenge him.

Though the game is very simple to play but if you need any support or help write to