Guide to get Flash on your iPhone to play slots game instantly

Guide to enable flash on iPhone

Flash software from Adobe is one of the oldest and widely used tool to play audio and video files specially those which have interactive animation. But unfortunately this software is not available for iOS iPhone. The reasons for Apple not having the Flash player is that it requires too much memory and burns up battery. Also it poses as threat to other iOS apps and last but not the lease Adobe itself has stopped the development of Flash for mobile devices.

So how can you get Flash on your iPhone

enable flash on iPhone

The simple trick is to have third party apps or Flash enabled web browser apps that you can download from the App store to play slots that work on Flash.

Having these apps doesn’t meant that Flash will be installed on your iPhone but they let you take control of a browser on another computer that supports Flash and then stream that browsing session to your phone. The browsers have varying levels of quality, speed, and reliability, and you can use them easily for playing games.

Here are few of the best  flash supporting browsers for iPhone. These flash browsers give you both free and paid versions to test those flash browsers before you pay. This brings you the ability to view flash content and eliminate the requirement of dedicated apps for flash player. It is designed to support flash videos and flash games for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

You can play not only slots, casino games, social games apps, Facebook games and even watch movies by using these web browsers.

Puffin Web Browser

Puffin web browser

Puffin Web Browser is a fast web browser supporting flash player on iPhone. With the help of cloud servers, Puffin Web Browser brings the PC web browsing experience to smartphones. It renders the full versions of web pages quickly and reliably and also supports Flash with excellent performance on iPhones. Puffin Free does not support Flash. HTML5 online casinos and slots games will be fully supported in Puffin Web Browser which means you can play slots instantly without any download. Click here to know more.

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Cloud Browse

Cloud Browse

CloudBrowse app costs US$2.99 with US $4.99/month subscription attached to it. You can use the app for 10-minute sessions for free, but if you want to browse longer, you need to subscribe.  CloudBrowse is surprisingly fast, but its Flash playback is spotty because it was never updated since 2013. But still can work for most of the games.

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There are various other web browsers that support Flash for iOS like the Photon web browser for iPad.

But the question also arises do you really need Flash on your iPhone? There are Flash-free standards in HTML5 to replace some of the features Flash offers to websites and HTML5 has become dominant, apps have matched many Flash-specific features, and now most browsers are blocking Flash by default. This means also that the prevalence of h.264 video means Flash isn’t required for web video anymore.

Just take out your iPhone, type the URl of the online casino you wish to visit on your safari or chrome web browser as they are optimized for HTML5 support and enter the casino to play slots. Similarly go to app store or iTunes and download the slot game of your choice and tap to play. Isn’t that wonderful.