Guide to Augmented reality on your iPhone

AR games on iPhone

These days Augmented reality (AR) is the talk of the town. Be it at casinos or at home all want to know more about Augmented reality. Maybe this is the reason it has gained two fold popularity in 2019 and casinos are launching slots based on AR. Apple describes that with augmented reality, “the entire world around you is in play. Bring virtual monsters to life in your neighborhood park or on your kitchen counter. Or put on a mask to instantly join a costume party with friends halfway across the globe. By interacting with virtual objects as if they’re in your surroundings, you can immerse yourself in entertainment like you never imagined. The real world is about to get really fun.” Here we bring to you a short guide as how to use AR on your iPhone and what are the best AR games to play.

Augmented Reality on your iPhone

Best Augmented Reality Game Apps

Before you begin to know about AR remember that you don’t need any accessories like Virtual reality to use AR. So no consoles no special glasses as AR is simple technology that overlays digital information onto the real world, using apps on smartphones and other devices.

This means augmented reality apps let users “see” through the cameras on their devices. The apps then add data delivered from the Internet to the image being shown and the best example of AR on iPhone is Pokemon Go. With this game app you open the app and then point your smartphone at something. The app displays what’s being “seen” through your phone’s camera. Then, if there is a Pokemon nearby, the digital character appears to exist in the real world.

Similarly another popular app is  Vivino app, which helps you track the wines you drink. With augmented reality, you hold a restaurant’s wine list up for your phone’s camera to “see.” The app recognizes every wine on the list and overlays the average rating of that wine onto the list to help you make a good choice.

What you need to use AR on iPhone?

All you need is an app that offers augmented reality features. Some apps may require other features, such as GPS or Wi-Fi, but if you’ve got a phone that can run apps, you’ve got those features, too.

As of the release of iOS 13, virtually all recent iPhones have support for augmented reality delivered at the operating system level. The ARKit framework, which Apple created to help app developers more easily create AR apps and there’s been an explosion of AR apps. 

The best AR Apps to have on your iPhone

Pokemon Go AR Game App

Here are the few of the best AR apps to download now on your iPhone

Amikasa: The hardest part of furniture shopping is figuring out if a piece will work well in your space. Amikasa solves that by superimposing furniture into your room.

Pokemon Go: In this smash hit game, Pokemon are “hidden” all over the place — indoors and outdoors, worldwide — and you can find, capture, train, and fight them using your smartphone and its camera.

Vivino: Take pictures of the bottle of wine you drink and the app recognizes it. Rate wines to create a taste profile and track your favorites, then use the app to find the best prices nearby. 

Zombies GO!: Think of Pokemon Go, but put zombies in place of cute creatures and you’ve got the basic idea. The fun is that the zombies show up in the real world, right in front of you.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade: This action-packed game has become incredibly thrilling now due mainly to the introduction of AR. You have an ominous task at hand and have to lead the Freeblade to redemption. Go all out to destroy those who annihilated the noble house. Slay endless invaders and eliminate them using both power and shrewd tactics. The epic story with more 170 single player missions has got plenty to test your skills.

AR Games on iPhone

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR: Zombie Gunship Revenant AR is the perfect game to try out some jaw-dropping action. In this augmented reality zombie shooter, you’ve to take full command of the heavily-armed helicopter gunship and eliminate the dreading zombies. As your enemies are mighty and dangerous, you need to be in your true mettle to overcome their challenge. Hence, empower the gunship with supremely advanced guns, cannons, rockets, and missiles. If you ever want to go some extra yards, you can also upgrade the app to unlock some exciting features like the bank vault, Fort Knox, etc.

Kings of Pool: Kings of Pool is a fascinating 8 ball pool game. You can put the augmented reality table on a flat surface and play the game with absolute fun. It allows you to play against top players from around the world. The game demands you to win and gets access to high-stakes tables. Your ultimate goal is to gather as

Thomas and Friends: This game allows you to create train sets and customizes them to your best liking. You can adorn your train set with the use of tall trees, beautiful buildings and stunning decorations. Use sandy beaches, bubbling lava, and snowy blizzards to paint your terrain. You can also collect golden gears to unlock powerful engine skins like spooky spencer.

AR game app for iPhone

Flat Pack: Flat Pack, the dimension-bending platform, is pretty intriguing. As it mixes both 2D and 3D elements, you will need to think beyond normal lines to master it. With 30 levels and epic boss fights, it has got a lot to keep you engrossed. Its AR mode allows you to interact with the level in 3D.

AR Dragon: You’ve to take utmost care of your dragon who is different from others and solely relies on you to remain pumped up. He gets older and larger in size every day. You can bring your endearing dragon into your real world and play catch with it.

Ghostbusters World:  “Ghostbusters World” is an absolute cracker and I’ve enjoyed having a go at it. The game is all about capturing and collecting ghosts. You’d love to team up with your friends for epic boss raids.

AR puzzle Game App

StackAR: The game is pretty fun to play. Just scan a plane surface and start building. To remain ahead, you need to stack the gorgeous color gradient blocks as neatly as you can and as high as you can. It boats with beautiful graphics and offers you complete freedom to compete for the best score.

Housecraft: Housecraft is what you need to visualize your dream home as vividly as you want. With the use of your device’ camera and the augmented reality, it allows you to place perfectly rendered 3D models of objects.

DownloadThe Machines: The Machines is a competitive multiplayer game played solely in augmented reality. That means you can go against your friends in PvP Arena battles around the same table.

AR machine game apps

Arise: In this 3D puzzle game, you have to align difficult-to-find connections and create paths. As it doesn’t have any controls, you need to move around to complete each level. New puzzles are automatically added every month to ensure you always find something out of the box to play.

Orb: Orb is a fun-loving art app that your kid would love to play. It lets you create fabulous 3D objects. To get started, pick out the basic shapes then beautifully sculpt, scale, rotate, and paint them. You can create things like house, a snowman or even a tree.

AR Drone Commander Lite: With AR Drone Commander, you can bring enemies into your home or any place and decimate them just the way you want! Just point your iPhone’s camera towards a flat surface, and the game will map a military base on it. Then, get ready to encounter a massive attack.

Stik AR: The app lets you flood the world around you with fabulous stickers. Then, you can capture a photo or video to share it with your friends.

Now enjoy these AR games on your iPhone. Remember most of the AR apps are free to download at app store and few are paid apps or come with a premium service.