Guide to 10 handy tips to make your iPhone work like a Pro

best 10 iPhone tips

Having an iPhone doesn’t mean that this little PC type device on your hand is enough to work things all smooth. Apple products are though just wonderful tools but few tips and tricks can make smartphones work in extraordinary manner. There are lots of features in your iOS device that you need to explore each to increase its productivity and utility.  These features let you customize your stuff on the iPhone you want so that you handle them properly and even make your phone usage all smooth. Here are 10 handy tips to make your iPhone work like a pro which surely will enhance your phone’s utility.

1. Use iPhone text keyboard as a trackpad

iPhone keypad

When you try to navigate a text message or email by tapping on the screen you look for the cursor to be placed where you want.  Making things easier all you need to do is press down on your text keyboard, and the keys will disappear. Without the keyboard, you can slide your thumb around in this space to move your text cursor. Press harder, and you can select text. If you release a bit of pressure, you can deselect text, and then select it again by pressing down. With practice you will able to navigate much more accurately.

2. Turn on a low power mode to save battery in emergency

iPhone battery

While travelling when you can’t find a charge bar or station your phone starts draining you want to save battery at all cost. Low Power mode in an iPhone will let you save battery for your emergency calling.  Go to your phone’s Control Center and tap on the “low battery” icon to turn it on or off. This should give you a little boost in power, at least until you can get to a charger again and it’s all clear.

3. Hide your photos you don’t want others to peek

iPhone photo apps

With iPhone you have number of your personal pictures all saved on iCloud and this can be sneaked by others.  If you have a set of pictures in your Photos app that you want to conceal from prying eyes, you can actually hide them from view. Go to your Photos app, choose the photos you don’t want to let others see, and tap the “Share” icon. This looks like a square with an arrow inside. Then choose “Hide.”  After that if you wish to see those photos go to your Albums in the Photos app and have them.

4. Identify the caller

iPhone caller

Wanna know who is calling you on your iPhone then simply go to your Contacts menu, select the person you want to change a ringtone or notification option for, and choose “Edit.” From there, go to “Ringtone” and tap on “Default.”  You’ll be find a set of options that you can choose for the person of your choice, whether you want to assign unique vibrations or a ringtone, so you know who’s calling without having to look at your screen. Note this doesn’t work with unknown number.

5. Notes App can let you scan important documents

iPhone notes apps

So you can scan now your important documents with Notes. All you need is to open the notes app up, click the plus sign found at the bottom of the screen near the middle, and choose the “Scan Documents” option. You can use the iPhone camera to take a photo of your document and add it to your notebook. Options like black and white, grayscale, or color will help make sure the scan is of submittable quality.

6. Do not Disturb is on while you drive

Do not disturb on iPhone

Law says do not take a call when driving and it’s true. If you are getting so many calls on the road while you drive and you are tempted to take them then  consider utilizing the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature. Simply turn it on manually via the Control Center, and your phone will automatically swap to this mode when it senses you’re in a vehicle going over a certain speed.  All calls, texts, notifications, and other pings will be muted, with an option to send a message to callers that you’re driving.

7. Improve typing efficiency with one-handed keyboard

Typing on iPhone

If you hate using both hands to type messages, you can opt to use the iPhone’s one-handed keyboard instead. Just open up a message or use your keyboard, and look for the globe button (or the emoji button). Hold it down and choose either the left-handed or right-handed keyboard options. The keyboard will shift to the side you want, and you’ll be able to type with one hand this way.

8. Let your iPhone answer your calls

Auto answer on iPhone

If you are busy then this tip can be useful for you You can set your iPhone up to answer calls for you. Go to Accessibility and then Call Audio Routing to find the “Auto-Answer Calls” option, which will let you answer phone calls automatically after a certain amount of time. You can choose how long your phone will wait before it picks up, too.

9. It doesn’t cost anything to ask Siri

Ask Siri by typing

Many find awkward asking Siri but don’t need to be as you can type and communicate with her without ever speaking to her. Go to Settings, then General, then Accessibility and choose the Siri option. Then select “Done.” Siri will answer your query, and likely in a much more accurate manner than if you would have done so with your voice.

10. Share something that is on your screen

Share screen

Many a times you come across something beautiful like your slot game winning  that is worth sharing then you can do so  natively on the iPhone without having to use an additional program now, thanks to the newest version of iOS.  Go to Settings, then Control Center, then Customize Controls. Next go to Control Center and tap the screen record icon. It will turn red, and you can exit the menu to do whatever you want. You can also record audio if you’d like. To stop the video, you can tap on the blue banner on the top of the screen or the icon in the Control Center.  Your video will be stored in the Photos and Videos app.

Remember finally that you can explore and find more new tips when you start using the different features on your iPhone. If you come across something useful do share with us.