Guide to play Brawl Stars the new game from Supercell for iPhone

Brawl Stars

Recently a new game called the Brawl Stars was launched by Supercell for iPhone. It is a mobile MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) also known as ARTS (Action real time strategy) of video game in which a player controls a single character in one of two teams. The objective is to destroy the opposing team’s main structure with the assistance of periodically spawned computer-controlled units that march forward along set paths. Player characters typically have various abilities and advantages that improve over the course of a game and that contribute to a team’s overall strategy. MOBA games are a fusion of action games, role-playing games and real-time strategy games, in which players usually do not construct either buildings or units. Brawl Stars  sends players into 3v3 or 1v9 real-time, short-burst multiplayer matches.

Modes in the game

At the time of writing there were four main game modes of “Brawl Stars” include Bounty, Smash & Grab, Heist, and Showdown. Bounty is a team game mode where the main goal is to eliminate enemies so players can gain stars. The team with the highest number of stars per round is named the winner. Meanwhile, in Smash & Grab, the main item to collect are crystals. Players can still lose a crystal that has already been acquired so it is a challenge to keep the opponents from taking them away. The first team to maintain 10 crystals wins.

The Heist mode practically has two goals – to protect the team’s vault and to crack open the one held by the opposing team. In a few minutes, both teams have the chance to steal their enemies’ safe. Lastly, in Showdown — which Supercell described as “the rowdiest rumble” — the idea is as simple as “the last man standing” wins. However, the difficulty lies within the fact that the arena in this game mode is shrinking.

It will soon have at least nine Brawlers in the game. More characters will be unlocked as the players progress and each Brawler has a specific skill or ability.

Brawl Stars

After you play through the tutorial and have learned the basic controls and goal, you should know about the different brawlers in the game (as described above). You can learn about them from the Brawlers menu in-game . While the best way to learn a character is by playing him or her, you won’t have access to most brawlers for quite some time. Yet you will encounter a variety of challengers on the opposing team. Barley, for instance, has a large area of effect Super that covers the ground in flames. Jessie has a stationary, but breakable, turret that will attack you from range. Make a mental note of brawlers’ attacks and Supers so you’ll know what to expect when facing them.

There are two control schemes to try

In the settings menu – accessible via the gear above the Event list – you can choose between “Tap to move” and “Joystick Move.” Tap to move is the default option the tutorial will teach you. Tapping sends your character to the location you selected. To attack, you have to swipe and release in the direction you want.

Joystick Move gives you direct control over your movement via a virtual joystick. You drag on the screen to move, and tapping will cause you to attack. You can still swipe and release to attack if you prefer. The Joystick control option is arguably better for precise movement. It makes it much easier to correct your position quickly and to dodge attacks narrowly. You can also attack in quick succession with multiple taps.

However, you must keep your finger on the screen as a joystick in order to attack. In the Joystick control mode, the first finger you place is always for movement and the second finger will attack. This means if you’re standing stationary and release the screen, then need to quickly attack, you’ll have to use two fingers to do so. If you’re still learning the ropes and are standing still when attacking, the Tap to move option may initially be easier to use.

Know the range when learning a new character in the game as no matter which control scheme you choose, use the swipe to attack option often when you’re playing a new brawler. If you swipe and hold before releasing your finger, you will see a ghostly white line or cone in the direction you’re aiming. This is your brawler’s attack range: it indicates how far their attack will reach and the spread it covers. Like, Colt’s range is a very long, straight line. Shelly’s range is a shorter, wider cone. Colt is more of a sniper while Shelly is a closer-range shotgunner. The more you play, the more you’ll simply know your range without swiping. But this tactic can help you both learn the distance to play a character as well as from how far away an opponent using that character can reach you.

Brawl stars

When using the swipe-and-hold attack method, you can easily see where your bullets will end up. However, attacks take time to discharge and reach their targets and most players are constantly on the move. Because of this, it’s beneficial to learn to lead your shots, predicting where players are headed and shooting there instead of where they currently are. You can practice this on is Smash & Grab or Heist. In these modes, you know areas your opponents will be targeting -the crystals or the safe, so it’s easier to predict their movements and aim for their destinations.

You can also use this tactic when being chased: shoot behind you while moving forward and an opponent that is pursuing will likely walk into your projectile. Consistently leading shots successfully takes practice and is learned with time as you become familiar with both your characters’ attack patterns and enemy movements, but it’s one of the most useful skills you can master.

Blue is your friend and red is your enemy in circles

Every character in a match has a blue or red circle around their feet at all times: this simply indicates which team they are on. If you see a second blue or red circle around a character, it means their Super attack is filled and available to use.

If they have a yellow circle around them, they have selected their Super attack and are likely about to use it. They can deselect the Super by tapping the button again, but if you see a yellow circle, assume a powerful attack is imminent. Keep in mind once you tap the button, you still have to attack to actually use the Super. This is true even for something like Poco’s healing ability, which requires you to shoot since it will heal any teammates you hit.

Because this yellow circle is basically a huge highlighter that screams “Super incoming!” if you want to surprise someone with your Super, try not to hit the Super button until just before you use it. You can also hit this button early without intent to use it to intimidate another player into potentially backing off.

Play bots until you’re ready to Brawl

Brawl Stars has three match types across its four game modes: Bot Brawl, Co-Op Brawl, and Brawl. Bot Brawl places you in a match with nothing but bots. Your team will be you and two other bots while the enemy team will be three bots. This is the completely you-only mode where you can feel free to try out crazy tactics or quit early without it impacting anyone.

Co-Op Brawl puts you on a team with other real players but your enemies are still bots. This is a good way to get a feel for playing with actual teammates while still being able to practice on AI opponents. Brawl is the fully-human, 3v3 (or 1v9) match-up with all real players. This is typically going to be the hardest and least predictable mode, as human players will use strategies bots won’t. Brawl is the best way to learn the game and get better, also you practice in the other two modes first before diving into it.

Note that all the three modes award experience and coins, so you can still level up and work toward new brawl boxes even when battling bots. Brawl is the only mode that awards trophies for winning or detracts trophies for losing.
Brawl stars game

Ways to earn coins you can find in the game

As coins are a critical part of advancing in Brawl Stars: for every 100 coins you earn, you can open a Brawl Box, which will contain either a new brawler or Elixir to upgrade your existing brawlers.

So every time a new event is revealed—the timer in the upper-right corner of the current event shows how long until it is replaced by a new one—you will get 8 coins simply for revealing the next event. You don’t even have to play a round to get this reward.

Also playing the current events will award coins—whether you win or lose, although you get more coins for a victory—up to a certain amount. When you level up your account you are awarded coins. Your account is leveled up through the experience you earn simply by playing. Again, you win experience whether you win or lose, and even when playing bots.

Finally, you earn coins for ranking up your brawlers. When you win a Brawl (the 3v3 mode against real players), the brawler you used will earn trophies. When they earn enough trophies, they will rank up, awarding you coins. So, once you’ve earned all your coins for a current event, you can still earn coins that day by playing games and leveling up both your account and your brawlers.

Note that there are gems too which are  obviously the in-game currency that you can purchase with real money in order to speed up your progress.

Try out different brawlers

As you open Brawl Boxes, you’ll inevitably unlock new brawlers. Even if you’re enjoying your current character, always try out new brawlers as they become available.

All of the brawlers have unique skills and play styles. Trying out each may reveal someone you unexpectedly like even more, but it will also help you learn that character and how to counter him when he’s on the opposing team. You might also find game mode-specific favorites. Someone you love on Bounty might not be as useful on Heist and vice versa.

Keep up the team spirit

In every mode except Showdown, you’ll be matched up with two other players as teammates. Stay aware of your teammates, support them, and use their skills to your advantage. If you have a Nita on your team, stay near her bear for extra defense. If you have a Jessie, lead enemies to her turret. If you have a Poco, be aware if his Super is available and retreat to him when low on health.

Similarly, use your abilities to help your team. If you’re playing a character with a wide spread of attack, help check bushes for hidden enemies before a teammate rushes in. Toss area of attack projectiles where they’re headed to clear the way. Don’t worry about getting the final blow for a kill: share the effort and the victory. Just try to stay aware of what your team is doing and come to their aid whenever possible. Although there are “star player” call-outs at the end of games, matches are won by teams, not individual players.
Brawl stars


How to download Brawl Stars if you are not in Canada

Go to Apple Store. Then scroll down and click Apple id. Then click veiw Apple id. Click on Country/Region and select Canada. Now put any canada address. If you don’t know any canada address just  Google “Canada address” and go to result’s image and you will find canada address. Note that you will not find the game if you search it on appstore.  (at the time of writing)

Supercell newest mobile game “Brawl Stars” will soon be available on iOS and Android and hopes that this game too will be a success like “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale.”

Stay tuned at Facebook for its latest updates.