Guide to the best iPhone to buy

Guide to best iPhone to buy in 2018

iPhone 9 is hoped to be released this year and the previous iPhone models are most thriving in the iOS market. If you want to fulfil your dream to buy iPhone this year or wish to upgrade to a new Apple handset then you have many options to choose. As Apple has more models available for sale this year than in years’ past, with prices starting at $349. You can find wonderful features in them with larger screen, awesome camera, more security,wireless charging and safe water resistant devices.

In this guide you can find and compare the different iPhone models and decide which suits you the best.

The iPhone SE

iPhone SE

iPhone SE is a budget smartphone priced at $399.99 which you can afford to buy. This iOS phone comes with 4-inch screen,  all the latest software, but not much higher-end, higher-resolution camera and extra power of the more expensive models. Also it has twice the storage 32 GB than it’s previous editions.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

iPhone 6S

Priced at $449 and $549 this iPhone comes with a classic features which boost of a standard-sized headphone jack, a bit less power the A9 chip rather than the latest A11 Bionic chip. But that doesn’t make a difference until you choose to play more often Augmented Reality games then slots which require  more power. In the 6S models you will also lack the higher-end camera features found in today’s iPhone devices.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and 7 plus were released in 2016  costs $549 and $669. This iPhone offers a faster performance with A10 chip, giving full safety to phone with water resistance and in the larger 7 Plus,  there are two camera lenses, one for wider shots and one for portraits. The basic wide-angle camera of the 7 and the above 6S models come with similar camera resolution as they both shoot 4K high-resolution video. That means if you choose to play Live casino these models will stream excellent video quality.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus latest models costs for $699 and $799 for the plus one and are almost alike the iPhone 7 and 6 S phone. These two iOS phones have same display, features with only bit addition that these later models come with a glass back, wireless charging, and faster performance  with that A11 bionic chip added to it. Talking of camera the Plus adds software tricks that let you enhance portrait shots with fun special effects, including one that lets you completely darken the background.

The iPhone X

iPhone X

The iPhone X priced at $1149 is the latest released model of 2017. This phone is quite expensive one and proves that Apple is way ahead in terms of new technology, specifically adopting OLED screen technology for the first time in iPhone history, as well as using a glass and stainless-steel form factor, offering wireless charging, and removing the home button in favor of introducing Face ID, a new authentication method using advanced technologies to scan the user’s face to unlock the device, as well as for the use of animated emojis called Animoji. The new, nearly bezel-less form factor marks a significant change to the iPhone user interaction, involving swipe-based gestures to navigate around the operating system rather than the typical home button used in every previous iteration of the iPhone lineup.

After going through all these models of iPhone you can decide which is best according to your need and budget. If you cannot afford the expensive ones then the best deal is IPhone SE or 7 plus. If you love wired headphones when listening to music then iPhone 6S is the one for you. Finally the choice is yours.