Guide as how to play ‘Fortnite’ on your iPhone

Fortnite game on iPhone

As Fortnite is now available at iTunes store as a game app here is a guide as how to play this game on your iPhone. Before you begin note that you need an invite to play.

Super hit game Fortnite is now a hit on cell phone as well, and you can’t even get into it without an invite yet. Epic Games sent out the first wave of invites in mid March 2018, and apparently that was a sizable wave. Fortnite is already the number one most downloaded iPhone game in the United States right now, according to data provided to GamesBeat by app-tracking firm Sensor Tower. Apple has ongoing data for download rates, so this is reflective of the most downloads during a certain period over the last day so this does not mean that Fortnite is the most downloaded game of all time.

Fortnite for cell phone brings the same last-player-standing action to iOS smartphones that players have enjoyed on PC and consoles for the last several months. It has 100 people drop on an island in an effort to outlast everyone else.

Fortnite is racing to smartphone as it battles to establish supremacy on the platform following its takeover of battle royale genre on console. On PC, the game still faces some competition from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but Epic’s game has all of the momentum right now.

Also as Drake played Fortnite on the livestreaming platform Twitch with star player Ninja and the broadcast went viral and was the top trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

Anyway as of now, Fortnite is on cell phone and  Epic couldn’t buy publicity and hype like this for its phone release, and it didn’t. Drake and Ninja found each other organically, and Epic did not pay Drake to show up and play.

Epic plans to send out more invites soon, and you can still sign up for an invite on the publisher’s website.

So how to play with your iPhone?

Though this hottest video game for PCs and consoles is now available on the iPhone. However, playing isn’t as simple as downloading from the App Store.

Publisher Epic Games announced its popular action game Fortnite Battle Royale is available to play on iOS. Devices running iOS 11 will support the game.

There is a big catch: Players must receive an invite to gain access. You can sign up for an invite on the Fortnite website.

Players will receive an email with an app store link allowing them to download the game.

In a FAQ detailing Fortnite’s cell phone version, Epic Games said the slower rollout is to help insure players have a good experience. “We’re sending out invites as our services can handle more players, with the goal of maintaining a healthy player population,” reads an answer on Epic’s website.

About the game

Fortnite game

Fortnite Battle Royale is essentially what would happen if you turned The Hunger Games into a video game. The online competitive game drops 100 players onto an island, and the last person standing wins.

Once dropped, players must collect weapons, first aid and other gear to stay alive. All players carry a pickax to chop down trees or other objects for building materials to create their own forts.

While the 100-person format is common, players can choose to go solo, pair up with a friend, or join a four-person squad.

Fornite on iOS will require iOS 11.0 or later and be supported on iPhone 6S/SE and newer, as well as the iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and 2017 iPad.

Anyhow this was the free game app but it comes with in app purchases to get V bucks to play. At the app store 1000 V bucks cost US$9.99; 2500 V Bucks  plus 300 bonus costs you US$24.99, 6000 V Bucks with 1500 bonus costs you US$59.99 and 10000 V Bucks plus 3500 bonus costs you $99.99.