Guide to Apple Pay Cash- Most of the questions answered to use it as a payment processor

Apple Pay Cash

Recently few months ago Apple Pay Cash was launched in US which now lets you easily send person to person payments securely to friends and family. This works well with iPhone and comes as a feature  in iOS 11.2. Apple Pay Cash will work like Venmo and PayPal.  With this you can send money to other iOS users via Messages. The money you send is taken from the Apple Pay card(s) you already use. When that cash is received, it is added to a new virtual payment card found in the Wallet. You can pay for things using the balance on that card and Apple Pay. You can also transfer the money into your bank account.

Apple Pay Cash can also be used in restaurants and to pay household bills.  Most of the offshore online casinos also accept this as a payment mode.

The fees and limitations of Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash is made available with help from a company called Greendot. You can read the terms and conditions for what they do here. On that page, you’ll find the following fees:

  • P2P Transfer using a credit card: 3% of the transaction amount.
  • P2P Transfer using a debit or eligible prepaid card: 0%.
  • P2P Transfer using your Apple Pay Cash Card balance: 0%.
  • Purchases made using your Apple Pay Cash Card with merchants outside the U.S.: 3%.

Note that you may be unable to use some prepaid cards, and Apple says you cannot use credit cards to pump cash into your card. Also you cannot transfer money from gift cards into Apple Pay Cash.

iPhone devices that are compatible with Apple Pay Cash are iPhone SE and iPhone 6 or later. All devices must be running iOS 11.2 or later.

Setting up Apple Pay Cash

If you are in US and have a compatible iPhone all you need is to

  • Set up your account with Apple Pay.
  • Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and look for the Apple Pay Cash toggle at the top of the screen.
  • Then open the Wallet app.
  • Tap on the Apple Pay Cash card.
  • You’ll be asked to follow a series of steps, after which activation will take place.
  • Once activation takes place, you’ll find a new Apple Pay Cash card in your Wallet app.

Using Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash- How to use

Now that you’ve got the service activated on your device, you can use it to send and receive money from others using Messages.

  • To use this, create or open a conversation with the person you want to request/send money to in Messages.
  • Tap the Messages App Store icon to the left of the text entry field.
  • Select Apple Pay.
  • Enter an amount (in dollars) and choose whether this is a request for them to pay you or for you to pay them. You’ll get the chance to preview this.
  • Tap the arrow to send the message.


How to use Apple Pay Cash

You can use Siri to make an Apple Pay Cash payment. Just launch it, and you can say something like, “Pay Suzzey $10.” You can also pay people by names and job roles as long as you have added these in your Contacts. “Pay Dad,” for example.

Note that there are some usage limitations. The minimum amount you can send is $10, while the maximum amount you can send is $3,000

There are some other limits: You can add a maximum of $10,000 to your Apple Pay Cash wallet in any seven days, though you can to transfer up to $20,000 back into your bank account in any seven-day period.

Accept money using Apple Pay Cash

Money sent to you is automatically popped into your Apple Pay Cash wallet, except that the first time you receive cash you have seven days in which to accept the payment. That’s a quick process and means you must accept the terms and conditions of using the service.

You can check your Apple Pay Cash settings on your iPhone by just tapping the information (i in a circle) button on the Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet.

You can even cancel the payment with Apple Pay Cash

  • If you sent money to someone and they haven’t yet accepted it, you can cancel payment.
  • For that go to Messages and tap on the payment, or find the payment in the Transaction History of your Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet app or Settings.
  • Tap the transaction and look for the status field. Tap Cancel Payment. If you don’t see that option, they’ve already accepted the payment.
  • It may take up to a day for the payment to show up back on your account.
  • After the first transaction, most users will have Apple Pay Cash set to automatically accept payments (that’s the default), so you probably won’t have much opportunity to cancel.

Remember money sent with Apple Pay Cash can be funded from existing debit or credit cards already on a user’s iPhone setup for Apple Pay, so absolutely no setup is required. Money sent is authorized with Touch ID or Face ID (on iPhone X). Money received from Apple Pay Cash is stored within Wallet on iPhone. From here, your Apple Pay Cash balance can be used to make purchases in stores, apps, the web or even transfer it to your bank account.

Using Apple Pay at online casinos

Rich casino

Land based casinos in Las Vegas accept Apple Pay. But online casinos are fewer choice. As Apple Pay is linked to all three major US credit cards, those of Visa, MasterCard and American Express and is also being accepted at many major stores and outlets in the US, including the big names of Nike, McDonalds, Foot Locker and Walgreens, it can only be used at online casinos located offshore or say non US mobile casinos. This means that casinos located in UK, Eruope and are US friendly casinos. One such example is 888 casino  that allows Apple Pay.

US mobile casinos work is slightly different to the way that the app store casinos of Europe work, however as Apple Pay is accepted at Walmarts and Walmarts is a well known provider of prepaid Visa cards and Visa gift cards which almost all US mobile casinos will accept, so in a cheeky and a round about way, you can indeed fund your US mobile casino account using Apple Pay, making almost all mobile casinos that accept US players Apple Pay casinos.

In future it is hoped that most of the online and mobile casinos of US will have Apple Pay Cash as one of the deposit modes to fund your casino account to play real money slots.