GSN Casino by Game Show Network

GSN casino use

The Game Show Network is a familiar brand to many. They are known for their quality television programs, but not everyone is aware that they also offer plenty of free games for people to enjoy on their computer or mobile device. One of the best games they offer is the GSN Casino for Apple Devices.

People with iPads, iPhones and iTouches are able to download this app and enjoy everything that the GSN Casino has to offer them. It is a social media game that is free to play. Players can earn plenty of rewards at the casino and can enjoy hours of entertainment anywhere and anytime they want.

The Games

The Game Show Network is able to license many of the games that people are familiar with. They have used that to create games that people will enjoy and will also know. Slots, video poker, blackjack and bingo games are all available. What sets the games apart is the themes of the games. Look for:

  • Wheel of Fortune Slots
  • Deal or No Deal Slots
  • Ghostbusters Slots
  • Deuces Wild

There are plenty of games and everyone can find a casino game that they will enjoy at GSN Casino.

Players are given coins to play with when they download the app. They can win coins playing the game and they can also earn more coins on a regular basis top reload their bank. It is also possible to purchase coins to play with.

The gameplay is fun and the variety of games is also worthwhile. Even though there are plenty of different games to choose from, the gameplay is still very strong and the graphics are also very good. People will easily recognize the familiar themes that they can find on the GSN Casino.

The game is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4 and above, iPad ½, and iTouch 3/5. It requires 49.31 MB of storage to download the game to your Apple device.

Getting the Game

If you are interested in getting GSN Casino on your Apple device you only need to follow a few steps. The game can be downloaded directly to the Apple device or it can be downloaded to an iTunes account. The steps required to get the game include:

  • Access the iTunes store either from the Apple device or from another computer
  • Search for the game: GSN Casino by Game Show Network.
  • Click on the install button for the game
  • Provide the iTunes password to download the game
  • Once the game is downloaded, start playing by clicking the GSN Casino by Game Show Network icon on the Apple device.
  • Create an account that will allow you to enter tournaments and buy more coins.
  • Choose the game you want to play and enjoy.

GSN has been able to entertain people for many years and the GSN Casino for Apple devices is another extension of that entertainment. They have been very successful creating exciting and fun to play social media games and this is another example of what they can do. People that do take the few minutes it takes to download the app will be rewarded with hours of entertainment