DoubleDown Casino by Double Down Interactive

Online casinos are very popular. Many people are playing casino games for real money if they are in the right location and have the right computer device. While playing for real money does have certain requirements, DoubleDown Casino by Double Down Interactive gives people the chance to play their favorite casino games without risking any money or worrying about whether they can play the games based on where they are.

All about the Games

DoubleDown Casino by Double Down Interactive is the largest free to play casino that can be found and people with Apple devices can enjoy the games that are offered anywhere they want and anytime they want.


The games at DoubleDown Casino are the star. Unlike other casino and slot machine games that can be found for Apple devices, the variety of games at DoubleDown are the most lifelike. There is a combination of slot machines, video poker, blackjack and much more. The slot machines have popular themes such as Wolf Run and Cleopatra, and also include top-notch graphics and audio.

One of the more unique features of the game is the availability of daily slot tournaments. These are fun to play and enhance the casino experience. The site also offers tips and a sot guide to help people learn how to pay their favorite machines.

Players are rewarded with free chips when they join the casino as a member. The player will receive more chips every day that they log into the game so they can continue to play for free. Players can also purchase more coins if they want.

All of the games are fair to play and offer fun rewards and bonuses. They give players the chance to win at the casino they want without having to risk any money.

To get the DoubleDown Casino by Double Down Interactive on your iTouch, iPhone or iPad, an IOS operating system of 5.0 or higher. It requires 50.9 MB of storage and is optimized for use with the iPhone 5.

How to Download the Game


If you are interested in getting DoubleDown Casino on your Apple device you only need to follow a few steps. The game can be downloaded directly to the Apple device or it can be downloaded to an iTunes account. The steps required to get the game include:

Access the iTunes store either from the Apple device or from another computer:

  • Search for the game: DoubleDown Casino by Double Down Interactive
  • Click on the install button for the game
  • Provide the iTunes password to download the game
  • Once the game is downloaded, start playing by clicking the DoubleDown Casino by Double Down Interactive icon on the Apple device.
  • Create an account that will allow you to enter tournaments and buy more coins.
  • Choose the game you want to play and enjoy.

Anyone that is looking for a free and complete casino experience on their Apple device is wise to check out what DoubleDown Casino by Double Down Interactive has to offer. It is not very likely to disappoint.