Do the games work with all iPhones versions?

Real Money iPhone Casinos

The iPhone is the representative of a smartphone and it can be considered the most popular and favorite smartphone globally.  You can make voice calls like an ordinary cell phone, but on top of that, iPhone’s having an Internet capability enables you to also use the phone to send text messages, emails, and many other types of messages. The iPhone features a built-in media player for movies and music and movies, a web browser for accessing to the Internet, a camera that can take both photos and videos, and a host of other applications or “apps” that make your phone your all-around multi-use device.

The iPad / iPhone has a touch screen for all input, and a virtual keyboard.


What Are Casino iPhones?

Having mobile casino gaming on the iPhonecould be a very big thing for mobile gaming.  iPhones are obtaining entry to real money and free casino gambling platforms and apps which are being produced by the major online casinos as well as other gaming bodies.  Other old online casinos, not wanting to be left behind have already started to get their foot into the mobile gaming industry by launching apps and instant play games that can be played on iPhone.

Some Excitement With IPhone 

The iOS casinos enables iPhone users to have the fun and excitement of casino gambling whenever they want and wherever they are at a touch of their fingers.  Its portability, which is the nature of all iPhones, is what makes it very attractive to gamblers who wish to play their favorite casino games such as roulette, blackjack, bingo, among others without having to go to the usual bother of dressing up and traveling to their favorite land-based casinos.  No one can deny that mobile gaming is equal to fun and is also possibly very profitable.  No wonder online gambling sites can’t wait to create gaming options that can be accessed through the smartphones for their clients.

The iPhone casinos is an emerging market and it continues to become more popular by the day; and it is expected that more popular online games will become available on your iPhone.  Microgaming is now making their hugely popular progressive slots, such as Mega Moolah, accessible to iPhone users.  Mega Moolah gives huge progressive jackpots to the tune of millions of dollars. 

Thus, having access to Mega Moolah on your iPhone can give you a shot at winning big time.  A lot of the things players want from online casinos are also accessible on the iPhone casinos, such as bonuses, promotional offers for new and loyal players.

Since the iPhone 1st generation’s launch on 2007 and now being on its 9th generation with the recent launch of the iPhone 6S plus, it has retained its leadership in the global mobile market having sold over 700 million units to date.  Thus, it is expected that games that were made accessible on the previous versions where it has been initially introduced will work with the newer versions unless the games are already totally outdated.

CS (Customer Support)

iPhone casinos have extensive customer service support which you can contact in case you encounter any technical problems or have questions regarding your account.