CoolCat Casino

Coolcat Casino - Click to Play
Coolcat Casino – Click to Play

CoolCat Casino is an online casino that has been operating since 2003. It is licensed to operate as an online casino by the Government of Costa Rica. They offer a great variety of games that can be played for free or for real money. They work to maintain a fair, safe and gimmick free casino site for everyone to enjoy.

CoolCat Casino offers a large variety of games and gives players the opportunity to take advantage of some generous bonuses and promotions. They offer two versions of their casino. There is a downloadable version that is great for desktop and laptop computers. This version gives players access to the full casino. They also offer a flash player version of the casino. Players can play many of the games at the casino with this version on their flash enabled computer device without having to download anything.

Getting CoolCat on your IOS Device

Many people want to enjoy the games that CoolCat Casino on their mobile device. If they are using a mobile tablet or phone that flash enabled, this is not a problem. They can use that version of CoolCat to play the games. Anyone that has an Apple device knows that the devices are not flash player enabled. That does not mean that a person with an iPhone, iTouch or iPad cannot play the games at CoolCat. It means they have to know how to get around the IOS limitations.

It is possible to get a flash player on the IOS operating system. There are a few steps that a person will need to take to accomplish this. The first thing they need to do is realize that the internet browser used by Apple devices is not compatible with Flash Player. The safari browser cannot be used, but it is possible to get another browser that is.

  1. Go to the iTunes store and search for a different browser for the Apple device. Mozilla is one of the best that can be downloaded onto the device, but there are others that are flash player compatible.
  2. Download the browser to the Apple Device
  3. Using the new browser, go to Adobe Flash Player and download it to the Apple Device
  4. Once you have the new browser and the flash player, you can use the browser to get to the CoolCat website.
  5. Use the instant play version of the casino to enter the casino.
  6. Set up an account by providing basic information and creating a username and password
  7. Fund the account and begin to play the games.

Once you have done these things the first time, it is easy to return to the CoolCat Casino. You will have access to the over 130 games that re offered on the Instant Play casino. You will also be eligible for the 1000% matching bonus that new members get and for the VIP bonuses that loyal players earn.

Using CoolCat on your Apple device is safe and secure. They offer banking options that include Visa, MasterCard and Neteller that are all completed over a secure network. The graphics of the game are great on the Apple devices and the variety of games keeps casino enthusiasts happy.