Types of  casinos you can play with your cell phone

There are two different types of phone casinos. The first are known as Responsive cell phone-Optimized Casinos and have an intelligent design that’s capable of automatically recognizing the platform your phone or tablet uses and displaying a version of the site that is adapted or ‘optimized’ for your device. These phone casinos allow you to play the best slots from your browser.

Then there are some casinos that operate cell phone application sites. This means that you will need to download an application before you can start to play. The application file that you have in your cell phone will be there on your phone and will allow you stay logged in if you wish, so you can access the casino with one quick touch of your finger whenever you wish to spin and play some slots.

Many casinos but now offer both an optimized, browser based service and an app option. There are advantages to both, so which you choose to use depends entirely on personal preference.

Casino Apps allow you to access the cell phone casino at the click of a button and save your details so you don’t have to spend time entering log-in details every time you visit the casino. The only disadvantage of these casino apps is that they take up enough space on your device and also for some players they seem to be of less secure than browser based casino play.

So as now many phone casinos now offer both an app version and an optimized site so you can choose between the two.

Cell phone casino games categorized according to your phone device

You will also find that in cell phone casinos the games are few to choose but are awesome selections with even jackpot progressive games to enjoy and have great wins on your device.

You will find games being categorized  like games for iPad, or to play with iPhone and games that are only compatible with Android phones

Games for iPad and iPhone

Given the huge market that Apple Users offer, there are great casino games optimized for iPad and iPhone Casinos. This means that you can simply open your browser enter the name or URL of the casino you want to visit and you’ll be taken to a site that is entirely adapted to suit your Apple device. All there are so many casino apps or casino games apps at iTunes most of them which are free to download on your Apple devices and start to play right away.

Android Casinos for Smartphones and Tablets

The vast majority of online casinos are also fully compatible with other operating services, so if you are looking for an Android Casino, you will find plenty of options. Many cell phone casinos will offer Android user the option of playing in-browser for via an app that can be downloaded and saved to the home screen, so you’ll be able to play all the best phone slots from your phone or tablet. You will also find so many free casino apps at Google play store to have in your Android phones.

These cell phone casinos offer a level of convenience which means you can play the casino games where you are irrespective of time and place. With large screen tablets you love the stunning animation and graphics on cell phone casino games.

Moreover like online casinos you can play real money games too as online transactions with phone are also safe and secure and can be done with less of time too.

So you see that you can play casino games on your iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, 11 and 12 iPad, Android phone, Blackberry, Windows phone, PDA and other supported devices. The casinos that you will find here will guide you through the process of installing the games. You just need to check the special bonuses that the casino might be offering when you play with your cell phone so that you have more fun and thrill of playing and having a rich gaming experience.