Are USA players allowed to play casino games on their cellphones?

Prior to 2006, the Americans can very easily gamble online using their debit cards or credit cards to make deposits on gambling sites.  But in 2006 the then US President George Bush signed into a law the Safe Ports Act with a section in it prohibiting banking institutions to have their customers the right to transfer money to offshore gambling sites.  Then, there was also the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. But this has already been repealed by the United States.  Thus, fortunately for people in the United States who loves to play, they can now freely gamble online again.

Studies of the U.S. mobile gaming industry will show that the smartphone users are more inclined to use their cell phones playing mobile casino games than generic phone users.


Gambling aficionados, undoubtedly, relish having another environment where they can play their favorite casino games to a different level, as hundreds of online casino sites arise each day offering different exciting games, with hard to pass up bonuses and jackpots.  The beauty of this is that they can enjoy all these even without leaving the comfort of their abode.

On top of being accessible online, U.S.-based casino apps are also now present in some land-based places where players can gamble online as long as they are physically within the boundaries of the casino property.  Thus, slot machine playing, RGN gambling, and sports betting has literally been extended outside the casino gaming floor legally though still within the bounds of the U. S. casino.

  • Are the sites legal to play on iPhone or android phone, and will they paywinnings in cash to U.S. players?

As long as you are located within a US State boundaries that has legalized online gambling, they definitely will.   Except for Washington, the whole of North America is good as they accept bets from the U.K., Canada, and most other European countries, exceptSpain. Additionally, the online slots site will most likely not process your registration if you are in or from a regulated country.

  • What types of gambling games can be played online?

All categories and types of casino game that is found in the land-based casino can be played online such as poker, bingo, slots, etc. Actually, online casinos offer far more choice of games than you will find on land-based casinos.

  • Can I use US dollars for Gambling?

Obviously, if you are playing on a US State licensed gambling site, USD is the only acceptable currency.  However, if you choose to play at an offshore-based gambling site, then you might have to use a different currency as required and that will be subjected to currency exchange rates and other charges.