8 Popular Free Games to play on iPhone

Mobile gaming is the most popular type of video gaming. This is because there are now more people who have smartphones than have a console or PC. Also, there is a growing range of amazing games available for smartphones. Many of these are much better games, than console and PC games, and many offer an experience that can’t be replicated on a more traditional gaming device. Here are the 8 popular free games to play on iPhone that you must try. These iPhone games are free to download and can largely be played without spending on in-app purchases.

1. Disc Drivin’ 2

Disc Drivin’ 2

It is a free iPhone driving game. You may find it like some kind of updated Wipeout or F-Zero clone, but it’s a turn-based racing game. Take turns with online friends to see who is the first to navigate their disc around 20 tracks. You will get two swipes each turn to guide your disc. Your task will be full of challenges like the presence of traps, holes, and obstacles on each track. It’s a new approach to the familiar racing genre, and it makes for some very entertaining and exciting gaming. Although the game is free to play, you can pay for upgrades.


2. Pigeon Wings Strike

Pigeon Wings Strike

This is an endless flyer game. It’s one of the best free iPhone games you must download. The game runs at breakneck speed. You have to control— wait for it — a pigeon in a biplane. You have to navigate your avian avatar with other 2D scrolling shoot-em-ups, through various twisting environments, escaping unexpected obstacles and bullet hells, while shooting down drones and evil minions. It’s easy yet adrenaline-packed stuff, with the intuitive tilt controls easing the deal.


3. Super Cat Tales 2

Super Cat Tales 2

The iPhone is 2D platformers and Super Cat Tales 2 which is one of the best. It features a group of cats trying to save the world from evil soldiers, and it’s your job to guide these cats across over 100 levels. The core gameplay is – you run, jump the obstacles and enemies, and collect gold coins. However, this game gets extra depth from a range of hidden secrets, lands to explore, and new cats to release. It’s a re-invention of Super Mario World in cat form.


4. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

This is one of the most popular smartphone games around. Picking up where it left off, sequel Angry Birds 2 offers you an addictive dose of slinging birds at pig towers, all trying to save as many eggs as possible. This premise may sound simple enough, but the game proves complex. Compared to the earlier Angry Birds, Angry Birds 2 lets you pick the bird you use. It is more action-packed multi-stage levels and rewards you with coins to spend on a range of hats and accessories. This game is completely free to play, although you will find some in-app purchases.


5. Baseball Boy!

Baseball Boy!

This is yet another iPhone game that sounds just so simple in theory, but it is surprisingly rewarding. The goal of the game is to hit a baseball as far as possible out of your front yard. This game rewards you for hits with money, virtual money, of course, which you can then spend to upgrade your player’s position and your baseball. This will in turn allow you to hit even farther into town. The game is free to play with an option to pay to remove the frequent ads.


6. Sky: Children of the Light 

Sky: Children of the Light 

The developers of this game are the same who created Journey and Flower. Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful and awe-inspiring free iPhone game. You have to travel through the Kingdom of Sky to return fallen stars to their constellations. This is an online multiplayer game, allowing you to collaborate with other players. Together, you solve puzzles, avoid obstacles, and retrieve lost stars. The entire game is designed in such a way that it does feel like a unique experience. It’s free to play game where you can pay for new outfits and wing upgrades. You may also play and finish the game without spending anything.


7. Golf Blitz

Golf Blitz

Are you a golfer or love golf? This free iPhone game is a multiplayer golf racing game. You can team up or compete with your friends online, vying to be the first person to put their ball in the hole. Played from a side-on, Golf Blitz’s courses are multi-leveled with loads of obstacles, delivering a fun challenge to the players who think golf is boring. You will have a range of power-ups making the game even more exciting, while you can also earn XP to level up your golfer.


8. Retro Highway

Retro Highway

This game looks more like an old NES or Master System title than an iPhone game. This is the beauty of this game. This old-school racing game has classics such as Sega’s Super Hang-On and Outrun. The whole idea of Retro Highway is to race at neck-breaking mad speeds through traffic, avoiding other vehicles while collecting coins. If you’re expert and dedicated enough to collect enough, you can use them to purchase upgrades and new bikes, while there are also a wide range of different locations to drive through. This game is also free to play but you may not need to earn masses of coins to purchase new bikes by buying them with actual dollars instead.



Above-listed is the best 8 popular free games to play on the iPhone. Try out each one of these games and have a great time with loads of fun and excitement.