7 Best Apple Arcade Games to Play on iPhone

For gamers, the Apple iPhone has always been the ideal place to play games however the Apple Arcade changes that completely. It costs $5 per month to subscribe after a free one-month trial however those fees give your family and you access to a plethora of amazing games that contains no in-app advertisements or subscription insight. There are more than 100 exclusive and new games that the service has launched alongside some of the other familiar titles and more from other platforms. Apple Arcade works on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad but also on the iPod Touch and Macs. Here are the This is one of the 7 Best Apple Arcade Games to Play on iPhone and have fun.

Below we have picked out our favorites to help you get started. For now, these are the best Apple Arcade games you can play. You should also check out our picks for the best iPhone games.

1. Pilgrims


It is one of the 7 Best Apple Arcade Games to Play on iPhone and have fun. It has an incredibly quirky art style and soothingly moody music and are a very dark adventurous game. You need to work out how to get things done by exploring a map meeting weird characters on your journey as the game progresses. In exchange for a bottle of booze, the local innkeeper wants a cooked fish however things get a lot stranger than that.

As you try out different objects on different characters, the sound effects, animation, and voice acting makes the testing process fun and hysterical sometimes. You need to simply tap to control the characters and the objects in the game that can join you further on the journey and are denoted by cards that are stored in your inventory at the bottom of the screen. This works perfectly on an iPhone or iPad and is a simple and a lever design. Amanita’s design is the studio behind Samorost and Machinarium. There are 45 achievements and interactions to collect.

2. Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden

Inspired by the M.C. Escher geometric puzzle world, playing through this game requires you to forget everything you know about the concepts of shape and how they fit together. Each perspective has a different color and you can shift gravity by tapping near a wall.

Working out how to get from point A to point B can be very tricky even though you can shift gravity by tapping near a wall. It can be quite unsettling and tricky at times because your perspective keeps on shifting that opens up brand new possibilities however there is no threat it poses to you and is very gentle hence you can experiment and practice it at your speed.

This game was developed by William Chyr and is visually very impressive and engrosses puzzles that demand patience. It is best to take your time and not speedrun through this experience, look around and survey your surroundings properly before you pick a path.

3. Super Mega Mini Party

Super Mega Mini Party

You will find eight fast and frequent mini-games if you’re looking for some multiplayer fun. These games support up to four players. You can join up with strangers online, or can even choose to create a party and invite friends to compete for the game mastery.

The games are very easy to play on an iPhone with touchscreen controls although the games are all very different. The dynamite is a game of pass where you try to sink each other with precisely-placed cannonballs in the high seas and you can also rescue an astronaut by blasting into space. Some games are based on popular and familiar simple mechanics and have the comical competitive element in common amongst them.

When you are playing together with friends in the same room the Super Mega Mini party is at its most fun then. There are silly sound effects, cute, and cartoon art style elements in the game. There are more mini-games that are there to add in the mini-games option by Red Games developer.

4. Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Oceanborn originally was an RPG adventure story of a boy who turned into a legend and thus this sequel to it is even bigger and better. There are evil enemies to defeat, treasure-filled dungeons to loot, and quests to complete in the game. You play as a noble young knight whose purpose is to defeat the Warlock Mesmeroth and his evil army in Gaia. You also get the help of a samurai robot called Gen and Archimedes’ daughter who is the leader of Arcadia, Trin. A brain-teasing puzzle occasionally breaks up the hack-and-slash gameplay. This game is inspired by Zelda due to its cute art style and the sense of wonder. However, that is not a bad thing. Its design is based on conscientious thinking to provide the player with enough challenge without him/her to ever feel frustrated.

5. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts

This is yet another and one of the 7 Best Apple Arcade Games to Play on iPhone and have fun. This game immediately draws you in and does not let you go because of its beautifully animated and well-designed graphics. You will fly, run, and guide motorbikes, skateboards, and even a deer through the flabbergasting and alluring dreamscape that completely fits with the music.

The purpose of this game is to guide a girl whose heart is broken and race her through the amazing neon landscapes that collect heart-shaped shards, tries to defeat enemies, and avoids obstacles. There is also narration and Tarot card styling by Queen Latifah. This game is very engaging as it tests your ability to time your taps and swipes precisely however also offers instant replays if you are unable to do so.

This game is inspired by Rez and leans a little extra towards style than substance however it is made quite beautifully and provides much immersive fun that it is at least worth one try. Even a try should only take about an hour however we know that you will be back for more.

6. Where Cards Fall

Where Cards Fall

This is an astonishingly beautiful and thoughtful puzzle game design and is worth a try at the Apple Arcade Title. You need to guide the protagonist through some levels getting him from point A to point B and to help him do it you can either expand or collapse the house of cards. You will realize that this journey is through time and space if you take a deeper look at the strange cut scenes in between. This is an engaging puzzler that will make you swipe and pinch to try and unravel the way forward and is a star-struck coming-of-age tale that feeds off on the concept of the importance of memories. The journey gradually gets trickier and requires deeper thoughts to progress any further.

7. Assemble with Care

Assemble with Care – 7 Apple Arcade Games Play

You need to repair the things in this rejuvenating puzzle game by dragging and tapping on them. This is one of the 7 Best Apple Arcade Games to Play on iPhone and have fun. You play as Maria in this game and need to work on cassette recorders and cameras and many other objects as well comprising of 13 in all. This game is very analogous to the Room series however the difference is that every time you take an item and put it back together it reveals that you are not just fixing the object but also the relationship of the object’s owner and the owner himself. With a lovely art style and animation, voice acting, and fitting music there are some of the most mind-bending moments in this game as well. Assemble With Care will entertain you enough if you are looking for something relaxing and soothing.