Slots™ by Shark Party Games

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Slots™ by Shark Party Games is one of the games that has been created for people to enjoy for free on their Apple device. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. The game has many of the features that people who enjoy playing slots will like.

Shark party is a part of the Storm8 Studio. They are the leader in the development of the games being played on social media. They have plenty of experience bringing games to people on their Apple devices that offer great graphics and fun gameplay.

The Game

Slots™ is able to recreate the slot machines that people typically find in Las Vegas casinos. They offer great payouts and fun bonuses. Players can choose how much they want to bet on the 5 reel 30 pay line machine. The minimum bet is $1.and players will decide how many lines they want to bet on.

When you begin playing the Slots™ by Shark Party Games, you are at the lowest possible level. As you play and win, you are able to move up levels. The higher level you achieve, the more you can bet. Moving up levels also unleashes additional options and features of the game.

The game offers many of the symbols that people expect form slot machines. Playing cards, 7’s, bells and cherries are some of the symbols depicted on the game. The game offers wild symbols, free spins and many bonus features.

Games that can be found include the traditional slot machine that includes bells, cherries and 7’s and machines such as Pharaoh’s Treasure, Alien Invasion and Vampires Seduction.

Players are provided with coins to start playing. If they are lucky and keep wining they can keep playing for free. Players earn more coins every day that they log in and they can purchase additional coins to play the games.

An auto spin feature makes it easy to play the games. Set the number of spins, the amount of the bet and let the machine do the rest. It is that simple to play the game on your Apple device.

System Requirements

If you are interested in getting Slots™ by Shark Party Games on your Apple device you only need to follow a few steps. The game can be downloaded directly to the Apple device or it can be downloaded to an iTunes account. The steps required to get the game include:

  • Access the iTunes store either from the Apple device or from another computer
  • Search for the game: Slots™ by Shark Party Games
  • Click on the install button for the game
  • Provide the iTunes password to download the game
  • Once the game is downloaded, start playing by clicking the Slots™ by Shark Party Games icon on the Apple device.
  • Create an account that will allow you to enter tournaments and buy more coins.
  • Choose the game you want to play and enjoy.

The people that have played Slots™ by Shark Party Games appreciate the feel and play of the game. They like how real it seems when they use their Apple device. It is part of the reason that over 5 million people have downloaded this game.