11 Popular iPhone Apps you must-have

Your phone can do anything these days, from boosting your learning aspects to looking up recipes. If you own an iPhone or iPad, Apple’s App Store gives you a large collection of applications to download and enjoy. With so many apps available — and in so many categories — where to start? Here I have rounded up the 11 popular iPhone apps with multiple features to use.

1. Google

I am sure Google does not need any refresher. Google’s app is perfectly at home on iOS, and it offers all the powerful searches you’ve come to expect from the Big G. It’s the most ideal way to find any information, whether it’s who won the Soccer World Cup in 1958 (Brazil), or which closest pizza counter is still open and accepting orders. Your data from your Google account is synced across, and it can offer any news or events it thinks you might find interested to your app when you bring it up. It is an amazing app, you must-have.


2. Google Chrome


This is much better that Apple’s default Safari in every way. It easily integrate with multiple devices, so you can access your history or bookmarks from any device. If you want to pull up the website you were looking at a week ago on your PC, you can do it! It also many other features, including search bar autocomplete, data saving services, and unlimited tabs. Just do not forget to clean your tabs out occasionally.


3. Facebook


FB has transformed from having updates from friends to a full-fledged local marketplace for video center, and even memories from the past. It’s also a must-download as a bunch of other apps like to use Facebook as a login option. It is easy to install and register- which is a good alternative to Sign in with Apple.


4. YouTube


It has had some rough time on iOS, having disappeared from Apple’s whims in iOS 6. Google got it back. YouTube is yet another app that is one of the most popular one amongst app users. Since 2005 many people use YouTube and upload videos on a daily basis, so there’s a staggering amount of videos available from everyone from mommy bloggers, to video game experts. It now features YouTube Premium, a subscription-based service that allows playlists to be downloaded and viewed offline, ad-free viewing, and video playback with a locked screen. You can get this for $12 a month though, and YouTube is amazing without it also, so don’t feel like you’re missing out if you’re not willing to pay.


5. Instagram


Although it is owned by Facebook, but Instagram is still the best social network for sharing pictures and ruining them with filters. You can follow your interests as well as people, making it an amazing place to gather inspiration for projects, holidays, or just any thing. If you do not take lots of pictures, you don’t need to feel pressured to share — just lurk on the homepage and enjoy shots from those you follow.


6. Marco Polo

Marco Polo

It is a video chat app for busy people. Rather than waiting, Marco Polo records your video and sends it out whenever you have a moment. It is changing the concept of a live video chat into a video letter. When your recipient (or recipients) is ready to watch your video, they can load it up and reply in kind. An excellent group chatting tool, Marco Polo is best for when text chatting loses its ground, but connecting on live video is hard.


7. GroupMe

GroupMe app

It is best for those who participate in a ton of group chats, as GroupMe makes it easier to keep track of them all. You can add people simply with just their phone number, and you can begin chatting without even needing to download the app. It also allows you to name your groups, set avatars, and also save your photos and videos within group chats to refer back to later. You will also find a desktop version, so you can keep on chatting without using your phone out of your pocket.


8. Messenger


This is the service of Facebook’s and it is also offered as a stand-alone app. It allows you to chat with your Facebook friends and anyone in your contacts who has the app installed. The best thing is, you don’t even need to be signed into Facebook to use it. This is best for the sheer volume of messaging that happens via Facebook. Unfortunately, the Facebook app itself no longer includes messaging functionality, and takes up another slot on your homepage.


9. Houseparty


This is the largest app in the work as of now. The reason is because Houseparty makes it super easy to get in contact with friends and loved ones from the comfort of your own home. It does not wait for you to place calls and wait for friends to enter. It works in a causal way. When your friends come online, Houseparty will notify you, and give you the option to join in any ongoing calls, or start one of your own. It also has games and quizzes to pass the time with your friends.


10. WhatsApp


These days WhatsApp is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t have unlimited texting and spends a lot of time connected to Wi-Fi. It allows you to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. It’s one of the most feature-packed chat apps out there, and worth downloading if you’re a regular chatter. Despite it being a worldwide sensation, most Americans don’t use it, which is odd. You must give it a try.


11. Discord


If you are looking for a chat group for a bunch of like-minded people, then Discord is the best way. It’s fully cross-platform, so you can go from your phone to the computer, and back again without losing a second of banter, with almost every feature you expect from a chat app. It also has a voice chat to join groups easily through a link, making it simple to join your friends.



These are the 11 popular iPhone apps that you can use anytime anywhere and must download to have a great time and have fun.