11 Best Offline iPhone Games

One of the most popular indie titles to come out, Dead Cells’ motive is to assume the role of a failed alchemical experiment and follow the infamous rogue-like formula as the player fights and explores its way to a constantly changing castle. The game has rogue-like elements and is a Metroidvania. A player can level up and gather new skills every time he/she dies. The game now supports controllers so it is perfect to play on iOS and is very frantic and fast-paced. Here are 11 best offline iPhone games that you can enjoy anytime.


1. Valleys Between

Valleys Between

Another one of the beautifully designed games specifically for iOS, which is also 11 best offline iPhone games, Valleys Between’s purpose is to manage a civilization of animals where they can thrive and survive. Similar to Civilization, the environment in this game is played on hexagonal tiles. The decent difficulty curve makes it ideal for experienced and casual gamers, both and also has a lovely and accessible title.


2. Oxenfree


This spooky and supernatural tale will remind you of the ‘80s. The premise of the game is that a group of friends accidentally open up a ghostly crack and deal with what comes from the inside. However, the choices you make in the game are what matters the most than what is your fate in the game. There are many different mysteries to unravel and how you deal with ghosts is up to you and your friends entirely. There is a vast ground to explore or cover in this game and the story changes with each decision you make. This makes Oxenfree the perfect game to pass your time. Except for the first part that is free of cost, the rest of the game will cost you $5.


3. Device 6

Device 6

This is exceptionally interjected interactive puzzles into its story and is more of a visual novel than a game. The synopsis of the story is that you play as the character Anna who wakes up inside a castle on an island. She has memory loss except for the fact that she remembers a certain doll. This game was marked as an instant mobile classic when it was launched in the year 2013. It will keep the viewer/reader on his/her edge of the seat and has a very convincing and gritty plot.


4. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2

This has made it bigger than its prequel and was launched in the year 2014 by Ustwo Games. The game has kept many things the same as the mechanics and shifting puzzle maps however you play as Ro this time who is a mother who needs to guide her young child through every area. It becomes very addicting to play this game due to its changing mechanisms and searching for new hidden pathways to reach the exit. Monument Valley 2 has everything sorted from the presentation to the sound to the story to the gameplay and has almost no weak links.


5. Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook

Right from the very first moment, Stickman Hook’s fun swinging gameplay will engage and draw you towards it. The purpose of the game resides in the sticky-fingered superhero and the idea is very simple. You need to use your swinging abilities and utilize the momentum, gravity, and some bouncy pads to propel yourself to the checkered finish line without falling out of the stage. With optional extras unlocked with money, it is completely free to play. When you have got a lot of time to spare, this game can come in handy and does not require any data to play.


6. Journey


One of the best games to be released on PlayStation 3, Journey is now available on iOS as well. Now is the perfect chance to play it on your Apple device if you were unable to play it in the PlayStation. The single-player mode is just as enjoyable as the multiplayer ones as and you can also play the game online. You can now enjoy the game as it was originally designed because the game now supports MFi controllers which makes the minimal art style look great on iOS.


7. The Room (series)

The Room (series)

Since the original title launched in 2012, Fireproof Games’ The Room has been a mobile staple. Launched in the year 2018, The Room: Old Sins which is the fourth game in the series is now available on the App Store. These games frequently stay at the top charts on the App Store. Every game has a series of escape room style puzzles. You need to find keys, use clues that are learned through play, and shift mechanisms to open multiple 3D box puzzles on every single level. Every entry remarkably is as good as the previous one. The Room is a must-play puzzle franchise that has exceedingly well-design. The first starts with $1 and there is no perfect order to play the series.


8. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey

Replace the snowy mountains in Alto’s Adventure with several desert-themed landscapes, you will get Alto’s Odyssey. There are three large zones where you can snowboard through and every one of them is filled with randomly generated areas that contain the same nostalgic feel of the original. Alto’s Odyssey has very minimalist and weirdly cathartic gameplay that people are addicted to. This game provides a wonderful experience to the player and is one of the best automatic runners around.


9. To the Moon

To the Moon

The premise of To the Moon is that of courage and endearment. Johnny Wyles wants to go to the moon who is dying. He contacts two doctors who re-establish the memories of his life using advanced technology. The story is a very depressing love story with 16-bit visuals.


10. Florence


This game catches the feelings of falling in love for the first time and thus the game is about the rise and fall of a young woman’s relationship. The game is about completing rudimentary puzzles and hence its gameplay is very minimalistic. However, the story is very meaningful, when you touch and connect with things. The best part about it is that it all happens without any words. The subtle hybrid of tranquil and sublime art into a wordless narrative and an amazing soundtrack makes Florence a very playable game.


11. Donut County

Donut County

This is also one of the 11 best offline iPhone games. In this game, you control a hole across a variety of levels in Donut County just like in Katamari Damacy but reverse. You keep on swallowing objects that fall into the hole and the hole keeps on getting larger as more and bigger objects keep falling into it to the point that it can even swallow cars and buildings. Attach with this hole is a catapult to collect more and more stuff. The story, surroundings, and the gameplay are just as relaxing and pure as Katamari Damacy which makes Donut County a very fun and interesting game to play.



These are the most exciting and popular 11 best offline iPhone games that you must try in our leisure time and have fun.